Gym at Phase 2


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I was shown round said apparent gym at Collingwood by what was apprently a very small PT bod. He was apparently wider than he was tall but looked like he could lay me out in one hit.

The apparent gym is extensive.


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Near the apparent bar exJ. Mine's a seemingly cider.
A seemingly apparent yet not obvious pint of cider sounds like my possible beverage of choice this weekend... Or am I supposed to go to my apparent home and not directly, though alternative routes are available, to the pub?

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
I think the word he was looking for was 'abhorrent' and far more fitting for the description of such a nasty place (and by that I mean a gym, as opposed to HMS Collingwood).
I take it you've never been to Collingrad Pontius (on a course I mean), abhorrent can be used for either (which makes Collingrads gym doubly abhorrent).

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