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Hi everyone. Hope someone can offer some advice. I am currently renting a flat in Portsmouth and will be there for the next couple of years. I am orignally from Glasgow and am looking to buy a flat there. However, i may only travel back there once every two months and so would this restrict me in getting GYH(Travel)?? i have read the JSP and it makes no mention of number of times you have to go back and is just a sum that is given to you regardless of how muchyou go home.

Any advice?? Don't want to claim if not entitled or if within a grey "Expenses-MP" area.

Cheers for the reply SJ. Thought it was a grey area though i might not want to ask a question of the UPO that i dont want an answer to if its such a grey area lol
This grey (wooly) area seems to have become more common since the onset of JPA and I'm sure you agree SJ is not really acceptable. Disregarding the fact that it makes your job, and that of scribblers and civvies more difficult (ie vague) there is always the potential, as demonstrated here, that someone may be disadvantaged by the interpretation of regs by a UPO manager. The laughable IE was an example of this that I remember - the regulations were so poorly defined that I'm sure millions were wasted by chucking a fiver a day at people for no good reason whilst other cases, where people genuinely should have had financial assistance, were over-ruled due to the same wooly areas.

I'll retire now.
lol. i agree Guzzler but i think i am right to claim the money but if i had to stand up in court and justify it then maybe not so much but then am i any different from others who cloaim allowances who arent the intended recipients ?>
I've got a tenner that says if you tell the UPO you are renting a place in Portsmouth, they will say that that is your address and won't give you GYH(T) to Glasgow.

SJ and I have slightly different wording in our 752 (mine may be out of date) but I think the word MAIN I have highlighted will be the issue. If you rent a flat and only go back to Glasgow every month or so, the flat will be your MAIN residence. Good luck though. My 752 para is pasted below - recommend you find the most up to date one and do some research before you go to the UPO.

05.0204. Qualifying Residence. TheQRes must be inthe same country asthe Duty
Station (UK is defined asthe UK mainland andGBIslands). It isthe main residence
wherethe Service person would live, butfor the exigencies of the Service, andto
whichthey return (and are capable of returning) during weekends, stand-down periods
and periods of leave on a regular basis and therefore incur the travelling expenses
whichGYH (T) is designedto contributetowards. The QResfor the purpose of GYH
(T) must be one of the following:
a. The Family Home. (Wherethefamily home is in a different countryto the
Duty Station, P ACCC casework should be submitted. Thefamily home must be
within a bordering country , must be an addressthat has previously been used
as an overseas RWA orGYH(T)QRes and be subject tothe usual QRes
definitions. Family homes inthe UK do not qualify asGYH(T) QRes whenthe
Duty Station is overseas.)
b. Privately Maintained Property .
c. Residence at Work Address (RWA), including SLA at the permanent Duty
Definitions of Family Home, Privately Maintained Property and Residence at Work
Address are given in Chapter 1 Section2. Further restrictions on the use of a
Privately Maintained Property are given at article 05.0208.
Re-reading it myself, I am not sure if it is the flat or Portsmouth (or both) where OP will be for the next few years.
i will be in Portsmouth for the next few years and i want to buy in Glasgow as that is my home and where i will retire when i leave. Just not sure why if i lived in the mess or on the ship then i would get it but, cause thats crap, i decided to get somewhere for during the week. I can see the diff in opinion on here and think i will have to ensure i get the right writer lol


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Anybody who wants to live in Glasgae should be able to claim all the compensation that can get, the poor sods... :cry:

(Although to be fair, after a couple of GYH claims, the OP should be able to afford something palatial up there. Including several kitchen appliances in the front garden...) :oops:
SJRM - have to disagree as ive found the following statement eventually!

SP who occupy a RWA and maintain a PMP
will be eligible to claim GYH (T) from their Duty Station or RWA to their PMP, provided
that they continue to meet the criteria at paragraph
[FONT=Arial,Bold]05.0205[/FONT][FONT=Arial,Bold][/FONT]. However, they will be
ineligible for concurrent payment of Home to Duty (Private) (HDT (Private)) while in
receipt of GYH (T).

So my Privately Maintained Property (Gkasgow flat) and my Res at Word address (Rented pompey flat) means i can get it i think
As a writer, there should be bugger all problem claiming GYH(T) for your PMP (if you're married, it magically transforms into a Family Home) so long as you provide the evidence asked for (Council Tax +2 pieces of evidence proving financial maintenance). The UPO will have a list of what they accept as proof.

One thing you do need to bear in mind is that if the ship deploys you might not be able to claim back council tax as you could actually already be entitled to a reduced rate for the Glasgow property as you won't be occupying it for x amount of months over the course of the year. However, you really need to speak to the Council about that.
Also, another thing to bear in mind, is that if you aren't victualled onboard (which I'm assuming from the way previous posts are worded), you will not be entitled to be fed by the ship for free except on sailing or on duty (Dinner-Breakfast-Lunch). If you elect to eat onboard and you live RA (RWA), expect to pay a fairly high cost.
It's best to sit down, work out what would be most beneficial to you personally and work it out from there.

As for GYH(T), you should have no problem claiming. If you're onboard, make sure the writers explain how GYH(T) and GYH(S) warrants work as that will effect you as well.
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