GYH(S) and married non preference base port

Good evening and hopefully someone in the white mafia may be able to assist or I will have to ring the bloody JPAC!!

I have been assigned to the mighty O in Guzz (non preference) and as a Pompey rate with my own home in Portsmouth (married) what are the allowances when I am alongside GUZZ.
I am happy with the rules regarding LSA etc when at sea.

Do I get GYH(S) warrants which is now 10 per year? and What used to be called seperation allowance (maybe called MUSA)

I just need to clarify so i dont see myself of.

Thanks peeps
I have put an answer on your other thread. I think it is yes, and if GYH(S) is 10 then I take your word for it, but I think it used to be 1 for 30 days (ie 12 per year). You will get Longer Separation Allowance (LSA) (replaced LSSB and Separation Allowance) at whatever increment you are on (as will the rest of ship's co) when the ship is out of base port or at sea overnight. I could be wrong again though so double check the JSP.

I would have a good read of the Pay and Allowances rules in JSP 752 as I would never rely on anyone else to make sure you aren't being seen off!
Okay, so to repost what was lost and to give you a really rough overview:

GYH (Seagoers) is still 1 warrant for every 30 days served onboard, up to a maximum of ten in each financial year (Apr-Mar), yet you'll still accrue 1 seagoers leave for every 30 days (unless the writers stop it). So you can still easily end up with a total of 50 days leave for the year.

GYH (Travel) is paid for those ratings separated from their home subject to qualifying for it. Basically, if you own or rent your own property and are responsible for the council tax then you'll be entitled to it.
By being married, you maintain a family home rather than a Privately Maintained Property (PMP) iaw with the general definitions chapter in the 752. So GYH(T) can be started on your declaration.

The rules governing provision of proof actually refer to the PMP, but a lot of units and ship's offices actually will ignore that part and actually ask for proof as part of best practice.

What you'll require is:

Copy of Council Tax for the current financial year (Mandatory)

Then any two from the following:

Tenancy or Rental Agreement / Proof of mortgage
Land Registry agreement
Proof of being on the electoral register for that area
Electric / Water / Gas / Land line telephone / other utility Bill (Each bill counts as a separate piece of evidence)

With regards to the proof, most units are happy with just the three pieces of proof, but some still ask for four though.

Claiming GYH(T) will affect the use of your warrants though. When the ship is alongside, the first journey home must be self funded (through the payment you get for it) and the following journey you can use a warrant. Basically every other one. However, if the ship leaves the wall then as soon as you return, assume the 15 day window has restarted. However, check with the ship's office on how they maintain that window as some do it slightly differently and you don't want to be caught out inadvertantly putting in a wrong claim.

As always, run it with your unit HR and they should come back with their answer.


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I thought the same - delete the thread with all the advice/info and leave the one with virtyually none? :dontknow:

Surely a thread merge would have been better
Apologies - I thought the advice had been repeated - which it now has and many thanks for that.


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Obviously Gunny was so impressed with your information, Scribes, that he hasn't been back on RR to respond... no pleasing some people, eh? :roll: :wink:
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