Gydnia "Fcukin" Way

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jacko90, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Guzz is in absolute gridlock now, anyone else feeling mentally broken from its closure today? One fucking hour to get from Plymstock to City Centre, and thats supposed to carry on till twattin October! Think I might row from Laira!
  2. Perhaps 'twas all the crowds returning home from seeing-off Zoidberg on his way to SULTAN :?:
  3. Yeah, I used to own a car like that :D :wink:
  4. A38 was nice and quiet over 'ere in pointy head land
  5. Try fcuking Newquay I had the misfortune to have to work there today full of throbbers and old twats who potter around lost and smelling of stale piss.
    The sholud fcuking newc the place hey good slogan lets Newc feckin Newquay and all the spackers that think the place is a nice place to holiday chav twats - Stan steps down off his soapbox off the BBQ the dog
  6. It's like that all the time there

    The locals tend not to go there unless they're desperate :lol:
  7. Used to live in Newquay....... won't be making that mistake twice
  8. I used to love going out in Newquay but haven't done in years now.

    Cheaper and better nights elsewhere around where I live.

    Newquay is a just a nightmare made worse by both the visitors and residents. Both wind me up :lol:
  9. It was the wonderful Restormel Council that rung the death bell for that place ever since it decided Jamie Oliver's plans were shit and stag nights and pissups were better business

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