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Just curious, was reading about this on the "Rear Party" and had no idea there was such disdain for "redheads" over there. I live across the pond and we definitely have a different opinion. I can think of a few really attractive redheads Prince Harry for one is very popular here!
Best not to judge any part of the 'real world' by rear party standards mate - lol - love redheads myself mmm there is a particular shade of dark red you very rarely see ...

where was I ?


War Hero
[/b]Hell,take it from me,you are welcome to Harry and Fergie,not just because they are redheads but because they are privledged tossers.
How long do you think anyone else would put up with Harry's hooray Henry antics?
Take it from me,this guy and his brother have a serious booze problem,
Don't get me wrong,I love a boozy night out but we are getting tired of him.
then again Andrew has never tasted strong drink and he is bloody boring.
You can have the whole royal Family cheap if you want them.