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Guzz: Woman charged with making bomb hoax calls to base


Book Reviewer
What's the problem? I'd be very surprised if there wasn't any explosives on board nor in Drake. Isn't the Northumberland carrying any ammo? Hasn't Drake got a few bullets hanging around? Would like to know what the actual words were spoken though.


War Hero
NorwayChris said:
What a ferkin twat face split ass knumb nuts bitch,she should be shagged with a pine apple 8)

Anyone notice where she was from ? - North Prospect - better known as Swilly - no lack of horrapigs there................


Book Reviewer
Hmmm interesting view wrecker, you may have a point!

Edit, so her defence in court will be "I was only phoning up to find some untapped kock", I can see her getting away with it.
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