Guzz to get the chop...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SELJUK, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. RIP Devonport Dockyard.........
    With all the PJ's in the Cabinet why am I not surprised?
    If only Guzz dockyard was another one hundred and twenty miles closer to London!
    I take it New labour has given up on The South West......
  2. Sadly this government thinks that the South West is Bristol...
  3. Now if Wee Eck gets his way and is in a position to kick Trident out of Faslane they may just need Gus, so perhaps all is not lost yet.
  4. New Liebour has given up an anywhere that votes Tory or LibDem, see the Lyons Report - Training to Wales, Medics to Lichfield, leaving God's Port - Our Haven looking at real wilderness in a few years.
  5. On the plus side, at least the A32 won't be as busy. :thumright: God I hate that road.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah, if you're going from Gosport to Alton. Maybe you mean the A38 even..? :thumright:
  7. theres a slight problem with this as V boats cant get in and out of Guzz with the required ordanance :lick:
  8. Well perhaps they can dump it all on the Welsh and use somewhere like Milford Haven, or do some major re-engineering of Gus.
  9. maybe we can use said ordanace to do said re-engineering :pottytrain2:
  10. I think Asst Ed means the part of the A32 that goes into Gosport from Fareham. What's the A38 got to do with anything, unless you're thinking of yet another piece of woolly Nu-Liebour planning, which will mean adding traffic load to part of the A38 in the Midlands?
  11. Happy to hear about Guz. I was one of the thousands stood at RRD gates listening to Jack Dromey spout pish about Rosyth getting the Trident refit contract, only to hear Rifkind (a jock) give it to Devonport.
    What comes around .....
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  12. The MOD no doubt have a covert policy of basing all surface ships in one dockyard, thats their plan in the long run.

    Guzz will survive on a few more years then its bye bye. Portsmouth will be the main base for the RN.

    But again, this makes an arse out of the decision to transfer LPDs to Devonport then perhaps they are coming back to Pompey?
  13. I do indeed. Thank God for the ferry. I'd go spare without it...

    A38 is a great road by comparison. A31 sucks though. Not as much as the A32, but it sucks.
  14. Another of sod like me. When I mentioned "PJs" a little while ago I had dozens screaming "whats a PJ"?

    No I didn't explain, they are one so they should have known.

    That was just to throw everyone off the scent.
  15. A poxy jock mate!
  16. Are you telling me that Guzz dockyard is no more?
    That memories of 2 dock entrance and damp and drizzling winter days may be over?.
    Afternoons off not knowing what the hell to do except misbehaving (according to some).
    Plus of course summer afternoons in the outdoor Lido, fantastic stuff. Trips out to Dartmoor and all those other places.
    If this goes what the fuc* are people in that neck of the woods going to do to earn a crust?

    House of Commons - Business for Wednesday 5 March

    There is to be an Adjournment Debate after the completion of other business, on Devonport’s role in supporting the Royal Navy introduced by Linda Gilroy.

    If you wish to contact Linda Gilroy, Dods' Vacher's Quarterly lists her email address as:

    [email protected]
  18. Linda Gilroy is the MP for Plymouth (Sutton), but will take over Devonport after the boundary changes. Both her and Allison Seabeck no doubt can see their parliamentary careers looking as dodgy as a Jan Dockies prospects................
  19. As long as Ive been in (18 yrs) its always been Guzz is going, Pompey is getting all surface fleet etc, etc. Until Im weekending it from the mighty sausage along the coastal road back to Torpoint i will just ignore this complete bollocks. Anyways only 5 yrs left, last sea draft out of base port area, well only make me stick their 2OE further up their collective farters.
  20. according to the font of all knowledge the fareham echo the MoD has denied all knowledge - therefore i believe em.

    if its on daily orders tomorrow its a damn lie

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