Guzz to close in 5 years???

Roll on full Scottish Independence in that case, in the next couple of years. Perhaps we should rig the next Scottish elections to Holyrood so that the SNP win all the seats? :twisted:

Seriously though, it does raise the issue of the West Lothian Question and whether the Scottish minority should be able to undermine the security of the English whilst our taxes are used to bolster jobs in Faslane.


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More to Guzz than just the refitting etc surely - FOST as I understand it moved there so as to be closer to a piece of sea for exercising and firing that wasn't as busy as Piccadilly Circus - where does that activity go next? New premises in Falmouth?
This doesn't suprise me, dont vote labour, dont get jobs, simple innit.

lets face it, Guz is as far away from jockland as you can healthily go (sorry kernow), so no danger of labour losing any votes over this.

I'm a janner and I fcuking hate this Government, if I was told tomorrow I had an incurable I know what I'd do.


BillyNoMates said:
Bergen said:
FFS - Another misleading thread title. I was over the moon that Guzz, including Swilley, was closing but then realised that it was only the Dockyard...FFS :-

"Dockyard Matey's children, sittin' on the dockyard wall
Just like their fathers, doin' bugger all..

When they grow up they'll be dockyard mateys too
Just like their fathers with fcuk-all to do.... "



North Prospect has had a bit of a makeover .........

They tried changing the name from Swilley to the much posher North Prospect but it was just like putting lipstick on a pig :thumright:

A large smoking crater might be an improvement though :bball:

You Matelots need to be very very worried about this. Maybe some of your Dark blue colleagues should stop banging on about the 100 year experiment, I'd say the RN is even lower on Gordy's priority list than us Crabs.

That article about Super Carriers is absolute pish (great crtique on ARRSE btw!), I'm so very tired about armchair military "experts" saying what we need and don't need. Just because we are fighting in the desert today, it doesn't mean we should stop procurement of our conventional military (things like Carriers and F35 etc) because I damn well guarantee a large scale "conventional war" is only a few years away, look at all the sabre rattling going on in Russia and China at the moment...


The SNP wont have in their manifesto "6,000 jobs will go if you vote for us", they may say they will shut Faslane, but will hide (as politicians do) the fact that all those people will be on the dole hoping no-one notices.

If they don't want nuclear then they wont want the products of nuclear in which case they will have to either have oil or coal and up will zoom the fuel bills and the jocks will be bemoaning the SNP as we are labour now.


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Link to debate here.


Blah, blah blah, it's all the Conservatives fault. Blah blah blah lovely Gordon is ensuring the future of the navy and of course it's nothing to do with platform numbers. Blah blah blah, MoD should be moving work from Portsmouth in the "overheated SE". Blah, Blah, Blah Albion & Bulwark, Navy's biggest amphibious ships (dumb b1nt can't even do her homework.....!) Blah blah blah, socio-economic impact. Blah blah blah if it wasn't for that McCarthy-Fry woman being in my party I could have a real go at Portsmouth.

From the transcript it sounds as if there were about three people there! Reading between the lines, although "no plans to relocate FOST", there are serious moves afoot to shift some of DevFlot elsewhere.

Utter waste of time and effort, revealing only the depth of ignorance from one whose primary role ought to be understanding/defending the RN.


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Were I of a suspicious mindset, I might suggets that that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Rosyth already has seven of them including dear old Dreadnought and although Isolus suggests that you can keep them in floating storage for a while yet, Guzz 3 basin looked like it was beginning to fill up last week.

It would not take a fortune to requalify Rosyth for dismantling the remaining subs (should be a bit less demanding than refuelling) and of course there is a large hole in the ground (RD57) for storing reactor compartments ashore if required.