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Been on the Merlot again ,wife out, me bored shitless so can I try this topic;
Having served on ships in all three naval bases can I give an honest opinion of the matelots I served with and maybe get some feedback, sorry if I offend anyone but comments are based purely on personal opinion:
Rosyth : Jocks hated/tolerated the english matelots but as an englishman I would go were the shits hits the fan with the jocks anyday.
Pompey : Professional, boring but a far better run ashore
Guzz : Sea dodgers at SR level believe that 6 years ashore at SR is the norm anything less and they drip like fcuk.
Only GS comment - I know the submarine guys get fcuked between Faslane and Devonport.
Never did Chatham but my mum did!!


Lantern Swinger
In my day, the dit went... chatham for wit, guzz for sh1t and pompey where sailors come from. Pembroke [Chatham] was the best of Dockyard/RNB runs. NAAFI dances, lots of WRNS etc.,
Being born and bred in Guzz, I'm a bit biased, obviously, but: Chatham, paid off a frigate and an SSN there, only good for getting up the Smoke, and good for travelling. Did do some time in South Queensferry/Rosyth on FPS, loved it (more important, my first married accompanied, and Herr Indoors liked it as well). Faslane, HATED the place, even in the Churchill Estate - after one or three run ins with the Beach Boys, rarely went into the Burgh, created our own entertainment in the Base. Pompey was all right for a week or so - especially after the 76 Fleet Review when we were on full subsistence, but I couldn't hack the place for any longer.
As for Guzz, had more than enough runs down the Strasse and the Barbican before they became fashionable - my own patch (before it all closed) was North Corner - Standard, Cambridge, Swan, Steam Packet. Ma Boots, Caseys, the Revenue and the Ark Royal. The older generation will remember the names, probably with as much enthusiasm as I remember them, because if you were Jolly Jack, and treated them as they found you, they always welcomed you back.
I was based in 3 of the above and I liked Pompey because it was near to home.
Faslane was a Shit run ashore (Glasgow was a no go area for us English in the late 70's),as someone said,you made your own entertainment on the base(And we sure did !!)
Rosyth was the bees knees for me as I loved going into South Queensferry,Dunfermiline and Edinburgh,down Rose Street etc and the dockies on SSBN refits were top blokes plus we had our own JR's Bar in the Dockyard
Rosyth was the best for me. Very handy for a run in Edinburgh. Loads of tourist totty.
Faslane (Helensburgh) was pretty gash, but Garelochhead was nice in the summer.
My first ship was Chatham based, and I was drafted to Pembroke for a while afterwards. Good run, handy for travelling and a run up to London. Loads of Wrens.
Pompey was normality. Neither up nor down.
I never saw the attractions for Guzz.
For me it will always be Pompey. I couldn't take to Guzz, awful place!
Rosyth, always cold, wet and miserable. I remember calling in there after nearly every JMC I was on, it was such a depressing place, it almost made Guzz look good........I did say ALMOST. :thumright:
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