Guzz "Eco-warrior defends naval base nuclear sub scrap plan"

Re: Guzz "Eco-warrior defends naval base nuclear sub scrap p

As far as i was aware, a used core (ie post refit etc) is only held in the tanks within the Low Level Refuelling Facility for a certain amount of time, to enable it to decay to an activity level acceptable for transport up to processing facilities at Sellafield.
Are they saying they are going to build a brand new processing and storage facility within the dockyard?

I thought background radiation levels on Warspite, Conq etc was extremely low, and the only sources of it left were the long half life CRUD materials within the primary pipework. Whats this knobber scaremongering about?

Whatever it is, is it not better we do it, than it being done on some beach in Bangladesh?
Re: Guzz "Eco-warrior defends naval base nuclear sub scrap p

I do like the terminology used. "Sawing up Conq's" conjurs up piccy's of swarms of dockies with junior hacksaws flailing away.
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