Guzz Dockyard Sold

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lamri, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Anyone?

    At least BaE didn't get hold of it.
  2. Yet.
  3. Shame though the Naval Dockyards aren't actually owned by the Navy any more, that's progress for you... As for BAe, just wait until they buy out Babcock, seeing as they've bought out virtually every other defence-related company there is. :roll:
  4. But aren't Babcock in cahoots with BaE regarding the new carriers!! 8O
    geoff(ers) :?
  5. Goodbye Pompey…
  6. I would rather BaE than Babcock

    Babcock are even taking over the NAFFI in Faslane
  7. All the more reason for buying them then.
  8. Shame that our heritage and history is being sold off to private firms.

    Why dont the navy want it?
  9. I still don't see that happening in my time. As much as I hate DSC, I have to admit that it IS the spiritual home of the RN, in the eyes of the public.
  10. The navy doesn't have £350 Milion to spare

    They must have sold the dockyard in the first place :?
  11. As long as Wheelers and Harbour Lights didnt form part of the deal.

    Having said that a bit of inward investment on a new carpet for example wouldnt go a miss!
  12. IIRC the Wheelers/Lights has just changed hands due to the old landlord retiring. I cant imagine too much happening in the way of a refurb though.
  13. Cool, I guess my lifetime ban retired with the old landlord then, wahaay!
  14. Why would they want to buy it at a time when there is a dockyard review and the results haven't been released??
  15. Probably for the same reason as they would buy Portsmouth.
    If the navy pull out, then asset stripping can begin. What a fantastic Marina either dockyard would make. More money in civie boats than pussers ships.
    BAe bought the Ordinance factories, made a fortune when they asset stripped them.
  16. Perhaps because Devonport is the only yard capable of refitting N Subs, so it isn't going to be Guzz that closes is it?

    Also, with the sale comes DML's part in SSMG in Keynsham so Babcock effectively becomes the support authority for all N subs, including the Astute.

    And finally, the country is about to embark on a civvie nuclear decommissioning and new build programme & yet does not have that many N engineers. Those that there are are largely in ....... BML & Babcock.

    Seems obvious to me!
  17. I tell you what; i bet that no navybase will close out right, far to political sensitive, particularly with a general election not to far way. You'll see more parts of Guz (southyard) and Pompey (railway jetty) etc being sold. The whole review although costing money will just be shelved. Of course, on the subject of bases lets not discount the threat from Scottish nationalism, once a joke now a SNP First Minister! But to show you how efficient this review is, the option of an independent Scotland and its effect on Faslane is NOT being considered by the board!! I sure again politically this has something to do with the fact that Faslane is the largest single site employer in Scotland.
  18. Blood - I tend to agree with your view. Reduced Naval Base "footprints" could well be the decision. A lot of people will state that this is the "sit on the fence" option, which of course is what you will always get from spineless politicians - this will be a political decision. What is also apparent from this thread is a misunderstanding of the Naval base as opposed to the "Dockyard". You can close the Naval Base (i.e. the operational berths) at say Devonport without affecting all the DML core work (mainly SM Upkeep periods and skimmer refits). Likewise at Pompey, you can close the berths, the VT build and FSL upkeep work would not have to be affected.
  19. Considering Independance for Scotland is still a long way of if indeed it ever happens moving the deterrent some where else just in case would clearly be a waste of money, money the RN is not flush with just at the moment. On the other hand it is becoming clearer that independance for Scotland is a real possibility so it would be foolish for the MOD not to examine theoptions for such a move and identify the likely costs and timescales. SM10 of course would not have to bug out the day the Union flag ceased to exist inb it's present form some sensible programme would be agreed as part of the divorce settlement

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