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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. That's the bottom of the street where I was dragged up in Demport - many good and a few bad memories of Cannon Street and North Corner.
  2. "You used to see burned out cars. We do not want it to go back to what it was."

    I spent every weekend at my Grandmas in the flats on Clowance Street (bulldozed and built over now) and I remember it wasn't a proper Saturday night if there wasn't a car on fire :)
  3. During my misspent youth, I was on very good terms with a girl from Clowance Street. One winters night, I was on the stairs trying to get a grope when her Dad came home. Being a North Corner gentleman, "Evening Mr J" says I. He promply clips her ear and sends her indoors, kicks my arse down the stairs and tells me to go forth and multiply.
    I got the hump about this, went into the backyard and started writing my name in piss in large letters, carefully avoiding the rusty motor bikes and dead dogs littering the scenery. On seeing this, father threw even more abuse, interspersed with the odd empty beer bottle to emphasise his displeasure.
    I later heard that her mother tried to defuse the situation by saying "C'mon dad, that's the sort of thing YOU did when you were young."
    But he wasn't having any - "True mother - but the dirty little North Cornerite was doing it in our Christine's handwriting !!"
    The joys of Demport in the 50s !!!!!!!
  4. Excellent! :D

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