So I took my RT for Hydrographics. Failed but got told I was good for Engineering. Literally got a phone call half hour ago saying I was a year too old. Have to call the office back tomorrow to talk about options. Apparently my RT score was really good which gives me a lot of options. Looking into Warfare Specialist Sensors on subs. But I'm so gutted I couldn't do my 1st or 2nd options. Really demoralised. Why couldn't the careers office tell me properly?
Actually, joining up might be the best thing for you...having some of your arrogance and "Every ****** owes me" attitude kicked out of you will make this world a better place.


Thats interesting. Cos my CAREERS GUIDE says engineering eligible to the age of 36.
How old are you? Maybe they just thought you were a chippy twat? Not only that, if your score wasn't good enough for hydrography, I suggest it wasn't "really good" like you say. Unlucky.


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They didn't "tell you properly" to save us all a thread titled "Why has the AFCO just phoned and wants me to visit them?"

It saves a whole heap of internet dribble just phoning someone as soon as possible and informing them of where they stand in the recruitment process. I think the AFCO guys have done a grand job keeping you in the loop, dont shit on your doorstep mate, suck it up, make a decision on what future pathways are open to you and crack on.


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Whilst the disappointment is very much appreciated, it helps to consider all options & all angles remembering there are still jobs available despite the score achieved & the age restrictions.

The test scores are quite involved &, for some reason, the RN still manually marks & manually cross-checks each test paper. This means each candidate attending the test has to wait for 240 answers to be marked. Very often there can be anything up to 20 people sitting the test simultaneously, so errors do occur unfortunately. The Army has been using the computer-based BARB test for over 15 years, which not only gives an instant correct result, but also produces a list of available jobs based on the score achieved. The solution is glaringly obvious to most.

On the subject of test scores themselves, there are 39 different scores relating to Branch & every branch has a minimum "all-up" score & up to four different minimum "part scores" for each section, besides the all-up score. In addition there are 14 different age parameters relating to RN/RM/RNR/RMR/RFA Officer & Ratings jobs and branches with a further 12 branches only available to males. The variable parameters are truly mind-boggling, however the disappointment felt by the candidate is very much appreciated.

For WS(HM) the "all-up" score is between 2 and 4 points lower than that required for Engineering Technicians, but between 1 and 3 points higher in the numeracy section depending on WE, ME & AE branch. Confused? Perhaps it's understandable why, when counselling candidates 'post test' the age parameters may not have been instantly picked-up, particularly if the individual may not look their age. On a positive note, if the primary goal was WS (HM) and this was the first time the test was taken, then the test can be retaken in 12 months. So far as I'm aware the waiting-time to join as WS(HM) is pretty much 3 years - it may well be less in 12 months time.

Why do the Engineering Technicians have different age parameters to most mainstream Ratings branches? Apparently it's all to do with the 18 year contracts. Branch Managers wish to get a couple of seagoing drafts out of those who reach the rate of Chief Petty Officer before their 18 year contract expires. Those joining at age 36 will not achieve this before their contract expires.

Best of luck.
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