Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rights

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by kennys-go-nad, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. I could not believe the MOD would be so stupid to even try to use this again after the slapping they got last time round with the Cpl Biddiss case. Words fail me :threaten:

    The MOD's response is typical, what they failed to realise is that MCP never had a 15 year point before. It was only introduced during the Ghurkhas Terms and condition of Service review this year

    Michael Smith
    THE Ministry of Defence (MoD) is facing legal action over plans to cut the pensions of Gurkhas by sacking them three years before they are due to leave the army.

    The move, which means the MoD will avoid having to pay an ordinary Gurkha soldier more than £200,000, is to be challenged in the courts by the British Armed Forces Federation (BAFF).

    The policy was introduced by civil servants after they were forced to increase the Gurkhas’ pay and pensions to bring them into line with the rest of the army. An official briefing document on the new pension scheme shows that 80%-85% of Gurkhas will be discharged early, so missing the better payments.

    They will lose out not only on the immediate pension they would get after 18 years’ service but also on a lump sum departure payment of the equivalent of three years’ pension.

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    Gurkhas have been put on the new army pension scheme, which applies to all other soldiers, after years of campaigning by their supporters. The full pension will be worth around £6,500 a year for a rifleman, the basic Gurkha rank – plus the one-off departure payment.

    In the past, most Gurkhas served only for 15 years, after which they received an immediate pension that was much smaller and worth only about £1,200 a year for a rifleman.

    But Gurkhas on the new scheme will now get nothing until they are 65, if the MoD decides they are among the 80%-85% who are to be thrown out at 15 years.

    For most Gurkhas who join the army at 18, that will deprive them of a total of 32 years’ pension money, £208,000 for a basic rifleman, and far more for an NCO.

    The briefing document says the army will recruit far too many Gurkhas if they are allowed to serve to the 18-year point, so most will be discharged after 15 years with no immediate pension and no departure payment.

    The ready availability of recruits for the Gurkhas among young Nepalese men has led the MoD to decide to discharge older soldiers early rather than cut the number of recruits.

    A “manning control scheme†was used from the late 1990s until 2002, in an attempt to cut the MoD’s pension liability by preventing some soldiers serving to the point at which they received an immediate pension.

    But its deliberate intent to cut pension payments was exposed in 2002 after a series of cases in which highly experienced soldiers with extremely good reports were thrown out at a time when the army was desperately short of such men.

    Ministers ordered civil servants to stop using the scheme to discharge good soldiers and it has not been used since. It has been revived specifically to control the numbers of Gurkha soldiers.

    Doug Young, the BAFF chairman, said it was staggering that “the MoD should consider reintroducing their discredited manning control policy for anyone, let alone for Gurkha soldiers only. This raises several important legal issues, not only racial discrimination, serious as that would beâ€.

    Read the document

    Read Mick Smith's blog
  2. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    Utterly disgraceful :tp: :toilet:
  3. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    There is surely a country that will welcome these outstanding soldiers and their families and treat them as they deserve with respect and loyalty equal to what they show to the country they serve. Disgusting way to treat
    men of this calibre.
  4. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    anyone know when Debbie Biddiss' book is coming out?
  5. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    It has been stated often that this govt does not deserve the troops etc under it's command!!

    Be it Gurkah or others!!

    Rant all done.
  7. To screw the "Most loyal of the loyal" shows just how much this shower of crap knows about defence, decency and humanity. Doubtless they think they can make up the recruiting figures with cheaper unemployed Eastern Europeans - as was said in the Royle Family "MY ARSE".
  8. Maybe it is time they (The Gurkhas) looked into transferring into the ADF or even the Canadian Armed Forces en-masse.
    They would get the recognition they so obviously deserve in another countries AF i'm afraid.
  9. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    I've heard its due out very soon and it will not make for pleasant reading for the MOD.
  10. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    Singapore has been taking the Gurkhas for the past 20 years, and they are doing very nicely thankyou. They are used to guard the president, Changi jail, and the youth offenders. They also guard the Mentor Minister, and Have a major role in the Cash shipment buisness.

    They also Support the Sultan of Bruni.

    Men of Very High Calibre are always welcome in the far east.

    See wikipedia for full details. It will make you feel better
  11. Nothing the MOD does surprises me as they have always been a law unto themselves.
  12. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    sorry push the button twice :thumright:
  13. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    Beggars belief.

  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    This Govt is sick. Come the day.
  15. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    The gurkhas are being seen off, the police are being seen off, the Coastguard are being seen off Joe Public is being seen off. This government has got a lot to answer for. All the taxes we pay, where are they going? We are almost a police state, if you could find the police. You can't say this you can't do that. :pukel:
    If my memory serves me right I read that Harold Wilson ( Labour Prime Minister 1964 - 76 ) was almost outed by a military coup :rambo:
  16. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    I find it difficult to believe this thread, a little voice inside me says it can't be true. Another cynical realistic voice says oh yes it is! :threaten:
    I'm actually so numbed I can't think of anything else to say. :rambo:
  17. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    My cynical realist voice says that there isn't an office in main building intentionally screwing people around like this, it's far more likely to be an absence of joined up thinking. It's likely that those responsible for the different decisions work yards away from one another, just never talk to one another.
  18. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    Maybe if the British Government declared vistory and pulled out of Britain in the same way that they pulled out of Basrah then things would start looking up & the Brits would feel some 'cautious optimism' :thumright:


    Crumbling services and violence on the streets, but hope follows British pullout
    Ali Hamdani in Basra

    Cautious optimism is stirring in Basra as it shakes off almost five years of British control marked by insecurity and crumbling public services...................

  19. Re: Gurkhas will be sacked early to reduce their pension rig

    Possibly quite true, however they do have highly paid PR people, who obviously are overpaid? Seems the problems aren't unique to your country as we seem to have the same type of ineptness over here, course that could be because we inherited your system...we need a republic....Democracy over here is in the hands of the very few...and everyone wonders why voter turnout is pathetic... :hockey:

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