Gurkhas lose pension court battle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bollocks! :threaten:

  2. Yet another case of those loyal to the UK being treated badly. Perhaps if they were reclassified as illegal immigrants the would receive more help. :toilet:
  3. SHAME! SHAME on this disgraceful excuse for a government, not one of whom Know or Understand the meaning of the word HONOUR, as in Debt of Honour.

    They,ll get THEIR,S though wont they, Gold Plated and Exorbitant, the shower of Skanky Fartherless,s.
  4. I really do not see how those who make these descisions can sleep at night.
  5. I wish they'd call an election already. Get this lot out before they screw it all up any more than they already have.

    *not saying that the tories will necessarily do any better, but I've always believed that change is good in politics. After 2 terms everything starts to stagnate and change.
  6. I think its about time we ex-service people got together & formed a "voting cartel" to use our votes against these clowns.

    Where is the Covenant with regard to the Gurkhas, it s Fooking disgrace, this are some of the most highly decorated members of our forces

    Brown shafted the forces as Chancellor & now as PM. They are still using unprotected landrovers ffs, when the girl for Carlisle was killed the other week our local tv station ran an article about an anti mine charity whose vehicles are ALL protected by blast shields underneath.
  7. Get it right girls, the facts are that it is a legal decision not a government one.
  8. It is the courts saying the Government was OK to treat the Ghurkas so shamefully. The fundamental problem is onecasued by the Labour party.
  9. Perhaps we ought to have a referendum about it.

    Oops silly me,forgot the goverment doesnt do those.

    (Awaiting election day with great anticipation)
  10. This, I suspect is just the first of many court cases.

    When we did both the Hong Kong Veterans and Merchant Navy applications for compensation and a pension, it took years to wind through the courts. With the HK vets, they jumped the gun a little and made application to the UN's Human Rights Court and were told that although they had a valid claim, they had to exhaust all domestic remedies first.

    So it was back to the domestic courts for them. Can you maybe see where the Ghurkas will end up?

    At the same time, in order for a court to squeeze in a ruling with little or no legislative backing, it has to have something to read in, down or up. The vets knew this and organized a huge lobby to take place with the government of the day to change the rules for both compensation and pension. (Non-legal types have a difficult time understanding that without a mechanism for a remedy found either at common-law or legislatively, a court can't just pull one out of their silked butts.)

    After discovering de-classified document at the PRO, Canada had to eat crow on the compensation for the HK vets and up the payment after a huge public finger wagging took place.

    This will not be the end of the Ghurka's quest for a pension by any means.

  12. Yeah, the seperation between the Judicial and the Executive is absolute and unquestionable!
  13. The government of the day, of whatever political complexion, have always resisted retrospectivly changing pension entitlements precisely because of the legal precident it would set, and the burden this would impose upon taxpayers, who will ultimately foot the bill. Whatever the merits of a case it is difficult to justify state pensions for some when many taxpayers working for the private sector get a raw deal, especially at the lower end of the pay scales. Unless this conundrum can be resolved in a satisfactory way, changing the rules would be politically unacceptable because of the potential liabilities involved. Put another way, with the public unwilling to pay higher taxes, which political and socially viable aspect of government would be willing to shoulder the cuts. In reality the defence budget would probably be the net contributor, whatever political party is in power.
  14. Maybe as a sign of goodwill or solidarity amongst all politicians of all stripes, they take a pay reduction to honour these brave warriors, that way the public purse won't be affected upwards, but will in effect be affected downwards, it's a win win situation, the weasels get to look good and the tax payers will feel confident that their contributions aren't being thrown about excessivley...or we can all just say feck it, it's a very unique situation (pensioners will die off eventually) so for the time being we will make an exception to the rule as a one time benefit... :thumright:

    Some things you do because it's the "right thing" to do... :hockey:
  15. We do not want to upset the balance of things where the Nepalese folks are concerned, do we?
  16. I'm reading the autobiography of General Peter Cosgrove at the moment - cracking good read too - who was the Aussie Commander of the East Timor operation, several years ago. He mentions in very generous terms the major "British" representation in that scenario and, guess what, they were Gurkhas.

    These brilliant soldiers have represented the UK on innumerable occasions to the very highest standard. Their fighting skills and discipline are legendary and we treat them like sh1t. Whether or not it is a Nu Liebour government that has twisted the knife is immaterial, we are responsible for voting in this corrupt bunch of thieves, who take more in allowances than the Gurkhas would ever cost the country.

    No doubt this pensions question will be appealed and I can only hope that we do the right thing in the end.
  17. Yep, just read it with tears streaming down my face.

    I can't remember the last time I felt so ashamed.

    God bless all of our Gurkhas everywhere.

    And I wish ARRSE every success in it's efforts.


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