Gurkha Ruling tomorrow : Get your MP to support

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Welshy, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. I have had an email from

    " Nick Clegg has agreed to put a vote to Parliament this Wednesday calling for a fair deal for Gurkhas. This vote on its own won't change the Government's ruling, but would be an overwhelming signal to the Government that they need to think again. We need all MPs that support the Gurkha justice cause to turn up and vote for a proper deal for Gurkhas on Wednesday. Can I ask that you take a couple of minutes right now to ask your MP to do so? You can send a message to your MP directly at - please ask them to support the Gurkha Justice motion on Wednesday. On Wednesday, there will also be a Gurkha Justice rally and protest against the Government's decision, starting at noon in Old Palace Yard, Westminster. Many MPs have already committed to support the vote and join me and others at the rally. I know it's awfully short notice, but if you can, please do come along as well to add your support."

    Hopefully you will email your MP's in order to show the strength of feeling about the way the Gurkas have been treated. I have emailed mine, just hope they turn up!
  2. Done :lol:
  3. Also done. More info here on the BBC website.
  4. Done. Who knows, maybe Liam Fox will be sympathetic to Gurkha Justice.
  5. Welshy: Also Done - e-mailed re Gurkhas, good luck to the lads.
  6. Thank you all...the rest of you get your arses in gear!
  7. Done X2 (+Mrs Yorkie)
  8. Message sent to Nadine Dorries (Con) Mid Beds. All the very best with the rally and vote.


  9. Done although I won't hold my breath on any support from my M.P. as going by his track record any deviation from toeing the party line appears to be a non starter, but at least he has been made aware.
  10. Done Goodluck !
  11. Done
  12. Done also. My Gran is from Nepal and my Granddad fought with the Gurkhas in the WWII in India.
  13. Government defeated on vote. Ayes 267, Noes: 246 Majority: 21
  14. Good news but the gubberment will not be swayed.
  15. Done.

    I never go anywhere near the outrage bus and very little gets me flashed up. But this fcuking mauls my sh1t.



    Now, Brown and cnuts, take the hint and FCUK OFF! Is there any way we can see the list of all those 246 [email protected] who voted against? If my MP was one of them he's getting chinned.
  17. I Concur with MLP.
  18. I'm not sure if the it is listed anywhere, but there is always a FOI request as last resort.

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