Lantern Swinger
Daffy1: Your letter is admirable apart from a few spelling mistakes, but not to worry cos' the Gurkhas have won the right to be here and justly deserve to be here...good for you mate...
daffy1 said:
Just sent a letter to my local MP after he said he oblects to Gurkas living here, here is what i said

As a member of the armed forces i am appalled that you believe that the Gurkas should not have the right to live in the United Kingdom (United being the main word), what gives you the right to say that?. Don't you think they have earned the right to live here? after all they are fighting for your freedom and the things civilians take for granted. After all Labour has done a pretty good job of letting some scum of the earth live in the UK such as rapist and killers and not to mentioned the amount of people from overseas and the UK doing benefit fraud, and what about the MPs ? what exactly have they done to to get the right to live in the country after all they are the biggest takers.
My experience of working with Gurkas are that they are very humble people that believe in the saying '' Queen and Country'' and for you to think that they should not be entitled visa-ship because of the massive amount that WILL live here is disgusting.
All i can assume that you have/know nothing of military values and honor and maybe one day you can learn what military honor is about.
He is anti because they will be taking pension and other benefits so there won't be as much as usual to claim on expenses.

Another typical arsehole politician, probably wont even read your letter.
Fine sentiments but the letter is full of emotive gibberish and will, quiet rightly, be completely ignored as it appears to be written by a seven year old who doesn't even have the courtesy to spell the name of the people he or she feels so 'strongly' about correctly.