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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by 2_deck_dash, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. A thread for all the shooters among us.

    Into guns? What you got? What do you shoot with them? Where do you shoot? What would you have for your collection in an ideal World?

    Me personally, I work in a gun factory so I get to play with loads of cool stuff. In my personal collection I have a Webley .22 Tomahawk air rifle which is awesome for taking down crows, rabbits, pigeons etc. It is a break barrel so it hardly ever needs servicing and I can take it out camping etc. without having to worry about gas bottles, pumps and all the other associated crap. I love this thing and it is a nice work horse. It's really heavy as well which makes it nice and accurate.

    I share a Ruger 17 HMR with my brother in law which is awesome, great for foxes and longer range bunnies, a huge step up from the Ruger 1022 which I used to have for ratting.

    My missus inherited a beautiful trio of Holland & Holland 12 bore Royal Hammerless Ejector Shotguns that date from 1922. She doesn't shoot so I get to play with them sometimes, however they are quite fragile and not for everyday use, not to mention highly valuable. Also since I work for H&Hs biggest rival is doesn't look particularly good if I turn up to a shoot with them, much like the factory manager of Lamborghini driving around in a Ferrari!

    My pride and joy is my 1859 Westley Richards monkey tail carbine, which I am slowly restoring to new, I doubt I will shoot it as monkey tails are inherently dangerous and this is more of a museum piece:

    Currently my favourite gun is this which I seem to be using fairly often.

    Purdey 20-bore Sporter shotgun review | Shotguns | Shooting UK

    In an ideal World I would have a pair of the new Hammerguns which I don't have a piccy of yet.

    As for weapons in the mob and my opinion on the SA80, I like the A2 a lot and it is the most accurate 5.56 I have ever used. My personal favourite Pusser's bang stick is the Mk44 Minigun which makes my tummy fizz everytime I let off a burst.
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    My old fella gave me a H&H Royal for my 21st, I never bothered getting a shotgun licence so left it in his safe and would use it when I visited, I'm now on the other side of the world..............he's very kindly still looking after it, shooting regularly with it.. :?
  3. Any idea what age it is? If you know the first three digits of the serial number I can give you a rough idea. They are lovely guns, but I'd still prefer a Purdey Double Barrel Hammerless Ejector though. :wink:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Ain't got a clue me old fruit bat, it was handed to me with gritted teeth and "I'll look after it for you son".

    Next time I phone I'll find out and let you know.

    Now, if your talking big bangsticks and the gentle art of wild fowl hunting an 8 bore is value for money but nothing beats a punt gun for black catting your mates. :wink:
  5. If you PM me the serial number I will talk to my man at H&H and get a copy of the original order form and invoice from when they were made, it shows the price, date ordered and who it was made for along with the original stock measurements. I did it with the missus' ones and it makes a really nice addition to the gun. Turns out a Royal Hammerless Ejector in 1922 cost £122.

    Punt gun, yes, I like your style, here is me and my mate with one I made earlier:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Currently using a 20 bore Beretta Silver Pigeon. Had a cracking walk up day yesterday, perfect weather and a good crowd of mates with a lot of piss taking. I've also got a 12 bore Yeoman but don't use it much. I do a lot of beating on two of the bigger Estates in Dorset which earns me the odd shoot day. If my Sprocker has another day like yesterday I'm thinking of selling him to a Korean.
  7. I have 3 shotguns

    1 x 12 bore side by side
    1 x 410 single bolt action
    1 x over and under 12 bore

    When I get a chance I shoot vermin and clay pigeons

    I love my guns
  8. Had the pleasure of trying out an 8 bore at Bisley this year :D . Manly gun! with the manly bruise on the shoulder to show for it. Huge cheesy grin after firing it though.

    My Armoury;
    Currently have a Hatsan semi for clay and pigeon bashing. A AirArms S410 for bunny bashing and a CO2 .177 pistol which looks vaguely like a browning 9mm for plinking.

    Next stop the FAC and the wishlist! Lee Enfield of course as a starter but mainly stuff for taking down game/vermin.

    The rest of the Family
    Wifey has a AirArms S400 carbine and Baretta 686E and the daughter (6) has the use of a break barrel .177 air-rifle. The Butt of the latter has been shortened to allow it too fit her comfortably. Purely for plinking at the moment.
  9. Guns are for winners. My best mate who I used to go shooting lots with as a very nice arsenal of weapons. He has about 6 shotguns including a nice pump action. He also has a range of rifles for when he's out shooting deers.

    He's a good clay pigeon shooter also sickening for me to say that though
  10. Great big "Super Soaker" in the garage waiting for the summer!!!!
  11. Do you know Boris in barrel fitting? He works for Baikal aswell mate. Small world...............................
  12. Shorts:-

    Glock 29SF 10mm

    Glock 20SF 10mm [my favourite]

    Glock 26 9mm

    Ruger MkIII Hunter - fluted barrel / cocobolo grips / .22LR / Lite Pipes


    Lots of them but Santa is bringing me one of these. Same spec with 26" fluted barrel / folding stock / adjustable cheek-piece / spike / chambered in .300 WinMag [but with a better TS]


  13. Yeah I know the cnut, he still owes me a tenner.
  14. Do you have a chav problem round your way? (I'm guessing not, well at least not any more!)[/quote]

    In Houston the Grand Juries won't even indict a householder who shoots and kills a burglar.

    A guy named Joe Horn saw 2 burglars coming out of his neighbour's house and killed them both with a 12 gauge shotgun. The burglars were still on his neighbor's lawn but the Grand Jury said 'Fair do's' and refused to indict. Bit different to UK eh?

  15. An acquaintance of mine lives close to you. Mr Harvey of Falmouth,(Fishing and guns). He has the finest collection of English Colts,(low numbers) this side of Nagasaki, both London and Birmingham made.

    I love my antique weapons, had a bit of a set back in '07 as I was burgled and lost five of my favorites.
    I have a collection of around 25 now, I like 2DD, have a monkey tail, but my all time favorite is my Lancaster Rifle.
    I have a pristine 3 band Enfield that was recovered by myself from a cellar in Price street Birmingham's gun quarter. Its a bit of a teaser as it was made at the Pimlico factory in London, so it being there was like Coals to Newcastle.
    I have just restored a Relum Tornado under lever .22 air rifle, not a valuable gun but very very powerful. Not like the Webley Mk3 which is without doubt one of the most powerful air rifles of all time. Stand fast capsule guns.
    My family including my dad, were all gunsmiths, and my dad was approached on an almost daily basis by Purdey as he was the last of a now dead trade. He was hand spring maker, but he would not train the apprentices for Purdey as he said it would kill his livelihood. Unfortunately I would not go into the business as I wanted to join up, thinking I would train afterwards. I still have a small gunshop (Workshop)
    Unfortunately he died before I finish learning spring making and although I can make them they are not the quality a spring smith would produce.
    I think if there are any old timers left at Purdey from 60/70's they would know my old dad.
    I own only three modern weapons as I indulge in shooting at competition, and have at present:- Winchester .300, or in metric its a 7.62 very accurate weapon and relatively easy to zero in. Big kick, but for compertition we use managed recoil rounds.
    I own a no1 mk3 Lee Enfield .303 a real beaut, Lithe grow made (Aussie) 1910, and the beauty is if you miss I can fix bayonets (1903/07) and charge. This does not go down well at Bisley but hey ho.
    I also have a side by side 12 gauge with damascus barrels (in full nitro proof) made by Christof Funk of Suhl Germany, a cracker of a gun. She is a hammer gun, A and D action but with safety catches, a rare commodity on a hammer gun of its age.
    Anyhow I will shut the fcuk up now as I could rattle about guns forever.

    One of my favorite quotes ever, by Herman Goering "Guns before butter"
  16. Massive jealousy here RumRat... gah

    Currently have a 12G Beretta 'Ultralight' Delux over and under - a lovely light gun I use for rough shoots. I also have a Weirauch HW100 and some shitty little Czech break barrel thing i've had since year dot.

    Next stop is a FAC!
  17. Pump action a bit of a white elephant in UK as they can only chamber two rounds max.
  18. Sako Quad synthetic with a Leupold VX3. Currently saving for a SAKO trg22 and a Shmidt and Bender PMII
  19. Only got a Weihrauch .177 break barrel carbine but the scopes good. Youngest son is presently trying to rid SE Cornwall of fluffy bunnies with it, generally get a dozen of an afternoon. It's got a silencer so fluffy bunny No 2 doesn't realise fluffy bunny No1 next to it has just had it's napper re-arranged.
  20. Not true he has a section one fire arms licence so he currently has 5 in the tube, 1 in the chambre Edited to say he's just got a ten cartridge tube to go on it recently instead of the current one he has. It's a nice all black Remington

    If you only have a shot gun licence then you can only 2 in the tube and 1 in the chambre totalling 3.

    I know this one cos he has both licences and I've fired his pump action many a time and two my sister does the firearm licences and checks etc for this part of Cornwall.

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