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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Not_a_boffin, May 9, 2006.

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  1. I'm after a bit of help please. Now that Cambridge has closed, where do we do Gunnery training (4.5 shoots and maintenance primarily). It would help with something I'm doing at work.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I still thought that they used the 4.5 after Cambridge closed. Not too sure where they do it now. Have they not got a Sim in Collingwood?
  3. Thanks Jen.

    What I was after was whether shoots are now done exclusively at sea under FOST and where (if?) the maintenance training on the Mk 8 itself is done. Don't know if they've got a Mk 8 mount at Colly, but suspect live fire is out of the question despite the fact that bits of Rowner and Paulsgrove would definitely benefit from it.......
  4. We went to sea for the 4.5, poor sea gulls that got in the way!!!
  5. 4.5 maintenace courses are done in Collingrad instructed by the tiffies.
  6. and you shoot in the med for a week - 458 rounds and not a single stoppage, our Gun Buster was well chuffed!
  7. Many thanks. Must have fixed problems with the Mk 8 mod 0 then. I remember on sea trials for one of the Tyne built 23's the VSEL engineers were on board (they built the gun) and on the proving shoot their senior rep was sat there counting, "19, 20, 21 stoppage". Unsurprisingly the gun did just that.....

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