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Discussion in 'History' started by corblimy, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Hello all,
    Royal Navy gunnery instructors I am told, use a whistle for training. But what I need to know is what type of whistle?. Has it a special tone? are they, or were they made by specialist company's? or just plain old whistles. I have scoured the internet for answers to no certain end and decided to come here for the correct answer!.
    The types I have found reference to are 'The ACME Thunderer' , and old fashioned Police style whistles made by Hudson of Birmingham. Hudson also made Military whistles, but were either of these used or just one definative version/tone?
    A stupid question I know, but one I need an 'official' Navy answer to!
  2. And there was me thinking they only shouted at you!!!
  3. Ther have not been any gunnery instructors in the Navy for a long long time.

    However I expect some CPO(AWW) will be able to let you know the answer.
    Some may still think they are a CPO(M) Ha Ha Ha

    There is one thing for sure they are not GI's
  4. the 'badge' of the Parade GI was a whistle chain around the neck because once upon a time parade grounds were used for that and were big (not as now, glorified car parks) and the whistle might be needed to draw attention and stop everything!

    Of course a 'real' GI would never use it to draw attention (it didn't do much else) a 'real' GI shouted - LOUDLY! Who needs a piddling little whistle when you have a parade ground VOICE! Pity we don't have real GI's anymore (advances? no not really, standing by for incoming from some 'expert' )

  5. The Gi's never used the whistle 'for training' it was a mark of instructor or parade staff .

    I think the whistle was the standard issue --the same as the PTI's had
    with the 'pea' in it.

    Never heard one used at Whale island but it was used to halt all
    movements on the parade ground ------- then the shouting started--heheh

    :nemo: :nemo:
  6. Thanks everyone for the answers and replies.
    I shall leave you all in peace again :thumright:
  7. As an aside, the'ACME THUNDERER' whistle used to be the RFU and IRB approved whistle for Rugby Union referees, and I'm pretty sure it still is
  8. I always thought the GI whistles were silver, same sort as the Old Bill used to carry ?
  9. The ones I saw used were! I've heard them used to!
  10. Saw and heard them used whilst I was on a course at Whale Island, used to put the fear of christ up you when you heard one cos you knew what was on the other end.
    The GI's used them when doing Turret drills at HMS Cambridge when they wanted us to change round positions.
  11. Indeed they did when I was at the school of Gunnery Cambridge
  12. You can't beat the old time GI's: our class at Chatham got lurked to provide the guard for OCELOT's launch in 62, on Cup Final day. We drilled and drilled, until Charlie Hefford was reasonably happy with us. At the end of the ceremony, we were bussed back to PEMBROKE, installed in a private TV room for the match, and supplied with several crates of ale - first (and last) GI I ever had a good thought about.
  13. Silver Whistles and Black Gaiters, Having a Ganges Flashback now !!!!
  14. Me too I have to go and have a tot to calm me down NURSE!!!!!! :threaten:

    Yes it was the same sort of whistle as the Police used :thumright:
  15. Having just returned from holiday I came across this subject rather late. I qualified as a PO missileman in '76 and still have my whistle. Having fished it out, it is called "The Metropolitan", after the plod no doubt, and it carries a pussers arrow. Todays AWW senior rates still sport the whistle when carrying out ceremonial commitments and parade training. Even though the GI was phased out, and the Missileman took his place, the AWW is now in vogue. But the term GI will always be associated with anyone instructing on the parade ground, small arms weapons, guns and missiles.

    As an aside, The GIs Association has had a female PO AWW as a member for a couple of years. At present she is at sea, but in the near future she will join the ceremonial training staff at HMS Collingwood.
  16. This is the proper Metropolitan whistle used by old-style GIs as opposed to the ACME Thunderer used by referees.

  17. Thank you all very much for the imput into this thread, especially as it was posted by someone just looking to pick brains, rather than an ex serving member of the RN.
    One last question to onions, did you supply it yourself or was it issued to you?.

    In the interests of research, it is better to gain the right knowledge of a subject, rather than make a tit of yourself when the thing is published
  18. corblimey, as far as the old brain cells can remember, it was issued to me along with a pair of black gaiters.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Of course we all remember the telephone number for the Chops (M)'s Office...

    "1 1-2"

  20. Concerns about female POAWW, When she opens her legs does anything fall out?

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