Gun on hospital ward

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by snapdragon, Dec 7, 2006.

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    This is my place of work. That hospital is full of the scum of the city because of where it is. There are that many patients who are in because they've been shot or stabbed. It's not surprising to see more police on those wards than nurses. I can't believe anyone would do that to people who are only trying to care for them. I don't know who was involved yet, but i hope all are ok.

    What's the world coming to? :(
  2. Alas snappers i'm not surprised. He was after drugs which from a recent first hand experience means they are pretty nasty bastards!! "There you go mate take the drugs pack, the morphines only worth about 10 pence each anyway so have it"

  3. Hey SD

    Nurses really get the shite end of the stick dont they and not just with their salary. Still at least nobody was hurt.

    Good to see that Plod took him down with a taser - hopefully they shot him in the bollox with it for good measure!!

  4. Yes they do indeed!! In my experience A&E nurses have to deal with the dregs of society who bring their arguments and conflicts in with them "I'm gonna get you" blah blah blah!! had a guy recently who assaulted a nurse in front of me and another oppo. needless to say that when he turned his attention to us as we approached him, he ******* wished he hadn't!! however most assaults on nurses are from old dears with walking sticks who find it emmense fun to twat a poor individual rather than be helped!!
  5. Scrote.

  6. Its diabolical mate - It must be hard not to just deck them on the spot!!

    Every nurse Ive ever encountered had been absolutely magic and Ive spent a hell of a lot of time in hospitals. They do a grand job and dont get much in the way of thanks for it.
  7. The guy with the gun should not have done what he did, but let's face it he'll get a slap on the wrist and be freed.

    We need a root and branch review of drugs policy in this country, so that nobody should ever be in the position of not being able to get a supply when needed, wiithout resorting to criminal behaviour.

    Legalise hard drugs, control the supply and quality and make tax pounds while supplying. People who want such drugs will always be able to find them and all the bleeding hearts in the world will not make a ha'porth of difference. We need to be completely open and above board in this matter. Whilst it won't prevent addiction, it will keep supplies clean and safe.
  8. Should have hooked the scum bag to the mains at the same time and fried the fecker.

    I remember one coke scum bag threatening to throw himself from the roof of the health buildings because he had no coke. Breaks ya fecking heart does it not.

    Ditto been in the oz a few times myself and those nurses are worth there weight in gold.

    Remember my mother [now long gone] thinking she was having a dream[she was sedated]about a man rooting through her belongings in the side room she was in. Then seeing a policeman. The scum had popped in at visiting hours and thought will take a quick look here. She was told the story later. I often wonder what would have happened if myself or one of my brothers had popped in at that moment. Great pain comes to mind!!!!
  9. Makes me sick though. Nursing is one job i could never ever do. You've got to be a special kind of person to do that job. When i think of the nurses who looked after me... well, they were stars. Truly, i really felt like they cared for me. They were so kind, it makes me so angry to know that someone could throw that back into someone's face. And they get FA in their pay packet for doing a job that most people couldn't do for 5 times the amount nurses get.

    I know it's the drugs that made that man do that, and i know A&E staff get this sort of thing a lot. But an inpatient? It's too odd to think about.
    I also wonder if legalising drugs would help. But then, buying a loaf of bread is legal, but people still steal them.

    Bastard. Hope he needs a blood test. "Whoops! was that your artery?"
  10. When i was working in A&E up here in Norfolk,we had one of the Controlled Drugs Cabinets ripped off the wall!!!!There wasnt an aweful lot in it at the time as the room was being refurbed.Also as a Drugs rep i have had several collegues that have been held up with knifes etc for their samples!If it happened to me i would let them have all the samples i couls lay my hands on!!!I sell a product for overactive bladders and one for Constipation!!!!All you need to look for is a person in retention and a case of the galloping trots!!!!
  11. I'd have suggested letting him have a box full of laxatives, that would be pretty funny. But the poor long suffering nurses would have had to clean it up though.

    Is there a drug that can produce an immediate, more disgusting effect? If so, can we get it labelled as coke or morphine?
  12. Well Picolax works within 15 mins and comes as a powder,i would hate to think what it would do if injected!
  13. How about some furosemide for a starter for ten followed by some lactulose, closely followed by an enema just to be on the safe side. Or....How about not wasting time and just dispatching him with a 9mm round!! :evil: :twisted:
  14. But we don't want them to die with even an ounce of dignity! We want them to die shitting out their eyeballs and drowning in a pool of diarrhoea.
  15. In that case give them shit loads of paracetamol inducing serious internal bleeding. Basically take enough of it and the blood fails to clot so your pissing shitting blood out of every orafice!! Hurrah!!! :twisted:
  16. I remember being called to the ward one night in a small district general hospital. There I found a particularly obnoxious male patient who had been admitted with pancreatitis secondary to alcohol abuse. He was standing in front of the nurses' station shouting abuse at the nurses in general, my junior medical colleague and one male nurse in particular. "You can't touch me"; "I could do you and you couldn't touch me", etc.

    As I wandered over to the phone to get security (don't know why they called me and not them!) another male patient came to the nurses' station, faced up to this guy and said "They can't touch you, but I f*!king can!" - and with that he punched him straight in the face. Both patients then quietly retired to bed.

    The next morning we got Trust management types up to expel the guy from the hospital and ban him from the premises.

    I did chuckle a bit ;)
  17. Fair play, but it's sad that another (ill!) patient has to do this kind of thing. Bastards, people who kick off like that. **** off and die in the streets if you can't respect your carers.
  18. I see this all of the time at work. people kicking off because they are drunk etc. The A&E that i operate out of have really good, kind staff who i know by name and socialise with. For this reason, The kind of behaviour that i see towards them brings out my much tamed instinct to beat shit out of these scroats to within an inch of their lives. I really REALLY do have to compose myself sometimes at work with said numpties. Angrydoc, i have a couple of regular customers that call us 3-4 times a day because they have pain associated with pancreatitis or are just LONELY!! I get to their minging houses and there are several cans of beer freshly consumed by their bed and they are rolling about asking for morphine. Yeah right!! Dose of morphine and they then absconed from hospital with cannula still in-situ!! My point!! This is a social issue, not an A&E issue!! I said to one of the regulars mentioned on one occasion "We're standing here having a conversation with you and there could be a little child dying somewhere because of your selfishness" Her answer "Well **** off then" Arrgggghhh 9mm, controlled bursts!!! BASTARDS!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

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