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Gulf War Vet Under Suspicion

In the news today we have a guy under who is under suspicion of murder. But why oh why is it that they always have to jump on the "gulf vet" "Falklands Vet" theme as if it was the war that was in some way responsible. This really winds my watch.
Rant, rave grrrrrr :evil:
it's a good way for the liberals to then jump on the, ' this is why we shouldn't have conscription' debate.

If they show that war sends you mad and makes you gun crazy, then why would we want all these yobs to become trained killers.

I wholeheartedly agree. Sadly the media (and others) will always jump on the military service aspect if there is one. They like to be able to catagorise people and since in many cases this is probably the most interesting thing they have done in their lives the label just won't go away.

It didn't help that they were able to jump on his "nightmares" from seeing mates killed in friendly fire and the comments from Larry Cammock of the Gulf War Veterns Association helped flavour the article and the "Gulf War Veteran" angle.
It happens with many jobs. We use to get fed up with headlines of "Police Officer" A. N. Non arrested for indecency with children only for it be shown he was a Special Constable for 8 weeks 25 years ago. Or served full time for 23 months then thrown out at the end of his probation period. No doubt Docs' nurses, etc all get the same treatment

It's nothing to do with a so-called "liberal' media. It is the habit of the media, time and time again, to represent offenders or transgressors as 'the other', the outsider, the loner, the mentally ill, the minority, NOT the norm.

In other words: NOT like Mr & Mrs Average Reader, who can smugly distance themselves and pretend that people like them don't do crime. In fact it is precisely Mr & Mrs Average who DO do crime! :evil:

After all we are all well acquainted with the Sun's habit of denegrating the forces when it suits it, yet claiming to support 'our boys' when it's just as good for selling copy and grimly reaping in profits. We are convenient scapegoats: we all learned to kill and some of us here have killed for Queen and Country. Not something to be particularly proud of, just a job that somebody has to do, but that combined with mental illness are a heady mixture for the press of THEM NOT US.

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