Gulf war syndrome..

At least I think that is what it is called..
Does anybody know of any organisation that can assist those suffering from it.
A friend was in the 1st Gulf War and believes that the problems he has with his hands are due to exposure to chemicals; his right hand has now become virtually useless.
He was not a member of the military but working for BAe systems at the time I believe.
At the moment he is having problems with his employer (a police force) because of this.
Any assistance gratefully recieved either on here or by private message.
Thank you.
The links below are given in good faith as areas studied and researched by the writer. Make of them what you will as I can give no guarantees. The hair analysis I believe in as with orthomolecular medicine. Worth a look imo if nothing else has worked. This is non-invasive stuff without any surgical procedures or toxic drugs/medicine programs. I hope some good comes out of this and as stated given with good intent.

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