Guinness is good for you.


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drunken_engineer said:
Mackeson is definitely still available. Mrs DE puts it in the Figgy Duff for Crimbo - along with copious amounts of sherry and cognac. Tescos sell it.
Not in Dorchester they don't, Tesco have just been banned from selling booze for a week for selling it to a thirteen year girl. Apparantly a weeks sales equal a hundred thousand pounds (local paper estimate, but it sounds a lot to me). Don't try to stock your booze up therer between the 20th and 27th of this month
Thre are 2 old guys (70+) and an old dear who go in my local and drink bottles of Guinness.

Guess what image now goes through my mind when I see them leaving the pub together? o_O :pukel:
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