Guilt Money ?.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. "As prime minister he witnessed that for himself in Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone and Kosovo. This is his way of honouring their courage and sacrifice."

    He could honour them better by having some shore drafts that last a couple of years.
  2. Why do some people have to try and make political capital out of every act? I can almost understand the relatives of the dead wanting a target at whom to vent their feelings, but why does this have to be characterised as 'blood money' rather than 'repaying a debt of gratitude'.
  3. I'm with you Joe. If he'd said nothing and kept the profit from the sale then everybody would be jumping up and down saying he should give the money to charity/worthy cause etc etc.
  4. It is no surprise that people a being a little cynicle about Blair's motives.My opoinion is if people want to spend circa £25 on his political ramblings so be it and the British Legion will benefit.Better still they could cut out the middle man and give directly to one of the service charities.
  5. Has John Major written his memoirs, if so and he wishes to donate to the same charity.The proceeds could buy at least two tennis balls and a snooker cue for the sports centure. :lol:
  6. :thumbright:
  7. I don't care if he has made this gesture out of guilt, compassion, generosity or because his bank account is currently just too full to allow him to squeeze any more into it, the bloke is still an arse of the first order and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Guardian: "Tony Blair's £5m pledge is not enough" (Pub. 18 Aug 10 by Hadley Freeman)

  9. "Our's not to reason why,
    But just to do,...and die".

    In years gone by the British services went to war when told and did the job.
    The public knew only what they were told, and that was probably not a lot of truth, more drum beating propaganda.
    With the coming of "education" "IT", and the small world syndrome, everyone is an expert on the inner working of government.
    When the thirty year rule, that cloaks all the real reasons that Joe public does not hear, is lifted, then the true reasons behind government action will certainly be revealed.
    Fundamentally, the very democratic ideology you think you are fighting for is a myth. Secrecy in matters of state are veils by whoever in the guise of "National Security" to keep you ill informed and in the dark.
    Basically you will never know why decisions are made if the powers that be choose not to tell you.
    Thirty years of bleating may well prove you to be a "Hero" or "Zero" when the truth outs.
    Like expounding the theory of flat earth whilst standing in a hole.
    There has very recently been a RR member who was held to ridicule for professing to be privy to inner government policy. But without claiming the same status, many expostulate their own theory on RR, which they of course are very entitled to do. However repetition of an idea does not bring said idea to fact, it remains a theory or point of view.
    So until we all know the true facts, grace would dictate we as supporters of the armed forces,(If not serving members) grasp the donation with thanks. Then look at what might be achieved with it and not where it came from.
    Hindsight is a gift we do not suffer from.
    If on ousting Saddam, the country had entered stability and truly become a democracy with stability, folks would probably have proposed Blair for the Nobel peace prize.
    Do I like Blair? would I did I vote for him in office.
    Not a Fucking chance.

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