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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jenny_Dabber, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    This is just a quick guide to all New members on the different forums on RR;


    Current Affairs;

    This is a forum for anything from news headlines, government’s discussions and general day to day news but be aware of OPSEC when posting.


    This is a social forum, banter, jokes, any discussions (light hearted or serious, if not fitted for the CA forum).


    Speaks for it’s self really, if you are looking for sponsorship and genuine, then please post a thread in this forum. Also, if you know of any worthwhile charities online or via friends, the more the welcome

    Naval History;

    With a sub forum for sure est, like ‘The Ganges’. All are welcome here, if you would like to post ‘old’n day dits’, history facts and such, please do post here.

    Sports & Adventure training;

    Natter about the footie, Rugby, Cricket, Cycling, boxing, anything sports related, goes in here.

    The After Life;

    Know of any jobs suited to ex-service personnel? Or jobs in general going? Post here, on a weekly basis, RR’s site sponsor ‘Troops_to_ask’, posts new job opportunities, not to be missed!


    A place for new members of RR to post their arrival announcements for all to see.

    Diamond Lil's

    Mostly famous with the old and bold but now a forum for all those to let lose. Banter can get a little flamed in this forum, no holds barred here, so having a thick skin will help!

    The Gash Barge

    This forum is for all the useless junk/drivel posted by anyone that has no relevance to a forum or is just plain dull. However, members have started using this forum as any other forum.

    The Corps & RMR

    A place for RM’s or soon-to-be RM’s or wanna-be RM’s to post any updates, news or queries into this life.

    RN Branches

    This is a block of forums dedicated to the RN today; if you have any queries as to pay/trades and such, please post in one of these forums.


    This section relates to site issues, if you are having problems with working your way around the site, java queries, general software issues relating to the site or wanting to know updates to RR.
    Social; ah, a lovely place to arrange things like meet-ups, p*ss ups and general social type things.

    RumRation on-line gaming; a forum to post those interesting, mind-boggling internet games sent to you via random emails from people on a daily basis that have nothing better to do at work!

    Life Ashore

    Nearest & Dearest forums; for those who are related to someone serving or who have a friend serving, general questions towards the RN.RM life.

    Bases; a forum to post about bases in general, have any questions what life is like at HMS Collingwood? Post away!

    Health & Fitness; Any queries about general military health and fitness, medical queries, post here.
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  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator


    This is a social forum, banter, jokes, any discussions (light hearted or serious, if not fitted for the CA forum).

    You might add; no banter, jokes, bad language, humour or discussions allowed :twisted:
  3. And I might say, open your eyes lofty :evil:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Do I detect the faintest whiff of "sense of humour falure"? :lol:
  5. Nope :lol:
  6. thanks for the guidance
  7. how do i get a decent avatar? it only lets me upload a tiny crappy grainy pic....grrr
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator


    This is a social forum, banter, jokes, any discussions (light hearted or serious, if not fitted for the CA forum)."

    I'm saying nothing about the spelling........

    This forum is very confusing, the rules that seem to apply to it dont seem to fit the description of use, if anything I would class this forum the same as current affairs where the banter is limited and things are kept factual....infact I'd go so far as to say what's the point in having two identical forums?

    It either needs to develop it's own style or get merged.

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