Guidance Notes on Medical Standards For Entry

Hi just wondering if anyone can help my sons problem, he was applying for fast track apprentice aircraft technician ( non- avionics) , on his final medical the doctor says he is CP4 on his colour perception , he has now been told he cannot enrol on the apprenticeship as an aircraft technician? But is allowed onto either a marine engineering course or weapons engineering both have a fast track apprenticeship . He is slightly confused of why he cannot do aircraft engineering but can do either of the others , slightly more confusing is the weapons engineering with a CP4 assessment. Could someone enlighten us on this predicament please . He has spent 2 years getting a BTech in aeronautical engineering with distinction and is now devastated with this news.
PS . He told the careers advisors from day 1 that he was colour blind .
Hi all,

I was almost finished with my selection process to enter the Royal Navy Reserves, selection tests passed, medical passed, interview passed, had been given a date for PJFT and then I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby.

I would like to re-apply for reserves in the near future, does anyone know how long after childbirth you have to wait before you can sit through the selection process again?

Many thanks.


Hi guys,

I've got an appointment with my GP to help me sort out my upcoming medical. My AFCO said that if's there's any issues (I had one episode of shin splints 3 years ago, with no further problems), it's more efficient to get your GP to send a letter in initially, rather than waiting to be asked for it. I was wondering exactly what this letter should say?