Guess The Skimmer ??

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nicks, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. I think this is a Collins shooting an adcap at something formerly australian
  2. You might find something on the US Navy site

    They had some pic's on there of an old WW2 tanker used as a target for the modern array of skimmer weaponry
    US and UK etc joint fleet exercise.

    The Tanker was hardly touched ---the yanks had to sink it with scuttling charges!!
  3. Yeah that was the post-scuttle shot of America. Interestingly, the story goes that she didn't sink despite all manner of nasties going into her (including Mk48 ADCAP) and she had to be scuttled eventually.

    Try typing sinkex into Gary Google and searching images. there's an awful lot of proof that 21" torpedoes make a mess of most DD/FF!
  4. Google has 18 pages of them!
  5. Definately NOT RAN , our boards have AUSTRALIA on the bottom of them

  6. Browny 31310

    As it is accepted that every-thing in Oz is the opposite way up to the rest of the civilized world, then The words Australia are in the correct place, on the bottom where they can be seen.

    "Royal Australian Navy Qqqqqqiiiiik Merchhhhh" --- "Boing, Link, Boing Clink, Boing etc."

  7. Must have one hell of a Damage Control team... 8O

  8. Watch your arse sun dodger some day a bit of skimmer weaponry might give you a unwanted terminal surprise.
  9. Dolphin 12C and 58, shippers.

    to decode, try HERE
  10. Very nice one (in fact brills) only one thing you mentioned one of the two things that sun dodgers just love and one of them was not daylight.

    Clue starts in s and ends in? sorry cant swear at you.
  11. Yes, best not to be rude - after all, this IS the Submariners' Forum! (Not that you'd be banished, like in a WAFU Forum - we welcome a bit of blarney, 'cos we're friendly)
  12. Thanks. am actually working in north lock now (enough said) and enjoying it. The old navy has not died yet! Believe me mention a female at sea on one of theirs and they go ape.
  13. Probably slightly off thread, but does anyone remember the Torrey Canyon? The Navy couldnt sink it, the RAF couldnt sink it,and it wasnt even firing back.
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    That's cos oil's lighter than water! :)
  15. Hmm - Buccaneers from Lossie and Brawdy, Sea Vixens from Yeovilton, plus some RAF Hunters. I understood that the RAF Hunters had napalm to ignite the oil, which was the actual intention, rather than to sink it. It was only a month before I joined up
  16. Oddly enough, yes. It's a good thing Bush Jr wasn't around then, and Blair: they'd probably have nuked it instead! :wink:

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