Guess J_D's due date!

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Jenny_Dabber, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Thought I'd get this started now, seeing as I am bored at work :iconbiggrin:

    I've registered with a site and hosting a 'guess the rugrat's due date' game, so if you wanna join in, click here!

    Now, a little hint..............the date the doctors gave me was orignally wrong, I've had 3 other opinions for the correct date that are the same and differ from the first one.
  2. was to confusing for me don't know KG's!

    I wanted to go for

    A girl

    8lb 3 oz

    born 9th of November

    at 7.43 am
  3. Good luck JD, whenever little puts in apperance. Hope all goes well, baby born healthy happy and with all fingers n toes.

    Heres wishing it not a ginger :wink:
  4. See, I knew it!!!!!!

    Thank you peeps xx
  5. I hate the French more lol

    Had any scans yet ???

    What cravings you having/had ???
  6. Don't depend too much on any specific date JD, despite what the experts will say.. the little rugrat (s) will come when he/she wants to come - trust me, I went through three of 'em ( well, not physically but giving support that is... :) )

    How about a poll on names... ?? :wink: :D
  7. If my squealer is 2 weeks adrift, then I will miss her arrival. I have got to go and watch russia vs andorra & am leaving on 1st June! Holy crap! 8O

    I've had a go. Good luck btw. Oh and people say its mega stressful having a kid. I can assure you its bullshit (as oil slick would say). This really ahs been a very easy 8 and a bit months for me. :wink:
  8. November 14th (my Dad's B'day!)
    7lb 90z
    You'll call her Pinta! :p

    Seriously, have no experience of these things, but as long as baby JD has all of his/her fingers and toes and is could health x Good luck hun x
  9. September 15th. It will be a male and you'll call him Nine'o'clockers. :D :lol:
  10. Got my 12 week scan next week, had 2 ultra sounds before though, not clear ones but enough to see the little todger's heart beat!
  11. best of luck babe - my dates were completely wrong- 2 weeks late by my reckoning, 2 weeks early by DR's date-- so good luck!!

    Advice-- take the pain relief cos, anyone who says childbirth is lovely is fecking lying- it is the worst pain ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. BH, all us men keep telling you, child birth is the most natural thing in the world, you should experience it naturally......
    (Notice a lot of Gynae docs are men)
    Just like a man would enjoy passing a melon through his dic

    All the best, hope all the finger n toes are where they should be and it comes as a healthy bouncing bundle of noise, poo n puke. Good luck from one who cant experience what you n yours will be able to enjoy
  13. My guess is November 8th (my dads bday)

    11.38pm and itll be a girl

    Good luck hun bet your so excited.
  14. I’m very excited, keep saying to my fella ‘I want the bubby to come out now as a healthy, bouncing 9 month fully served term’…………….he just rolls his eyes!
  15. g'day Jenny.

    That's wonderful news for you.



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