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Discussion in 'RMR' started by 1ManRiot, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. I take it there is nothing but issued kit to be used in phase 1 training?

    Is this the same in phase 2? Or do they relax a little and let you wear proper boots and take gucci field kit on exercise?
  2. "proper boots" wind your neck in son! Why are you even asking about this. Worry more about speed marches, yomps and look out for your oppo!
  3. As Harry Maskers said mate, you will have FAR more to worry about than gucci kit throughout training!! Some Bootnecks will wear issue boots their entire career and they get on just fine!!

    If your very lucky, the training team may let you use a gas stove and a buffalo in Phase 2 but thats about it. If you pass and get your green lid, I still wouldnt buy ANY gucci kit - use pussers kit all the way until youve gained a bit of experience and then look at what the lads are wearing before you spend any serious cash on extra kit.
  4. If I wanted spiel, I'd speak to my troop staff (no disrespect intended at all there). I think you are reading too much into my question. Thanks anyway.
  5. Speil? You asked a question and you got an answer - what did you expect? If you dont like the answer, then maybe you should have asked your Troop staff in the first place!!

    As for Reading into your question too much mate, why dont you PM the exact same question again to all of the serving and or ex-Bootnecks on here and see if you get a different response. (.......and bearing in mind that Harry Maskers is a serving Marine!!)

    Failing that, speak to your Troop Sgt on Wednesday and ask him if you can wear "Proper" boots in the field during Phase 2...........................
  6. I think you should maybe get through the phase one element first before thinking about gucci kit mate. However in answer to your question the training team generally let you use a buffalo type vest and gas/petrol stoves in the phase 2 part of training. As for boots, some people dont get on with the issue variety and bin them except for parading in as the unit isnt a fashion parade on a drill night. I personally liked Scarpa boots for operating in the field within the UK as you can wear the Yeti attak gaitors with them which keep your feet very dry when crossing rivers in dartmoor, scotland etc.

    Heed the advice mate and dont start using non-issue kit until at least phase 2 and then i would definately ask first.

  7. Thanks mate, thats what I was after.

    I am ex-Army so I know the score with taking the p1ss, and I also know that I really don't get on with issue boots, mainly as I am prone to MTSS and the weight and structure of the boot tend to exaggerate that a little more.

    I want to use this forum for what it is, a place away from rank, formalities, uniformity, so on. It is no doubt a great resource with a wealth of experience to offer, and I have the utmost respect for everyone in the forces, Marine to Fleet Admiral, especially those who have been on ops.
    I have had 3 friends killed in action in the last two years (2 army, 1 marine) and I fully understand the implications of joining the ranks. I am not an idiot, but I am a deep-thinker which is sometimes perceived as arrogance and "giving attitude", albeit unintentionally.
  8. [/quote]Heed the advice mate and dont start using non-issue kit until at least phase 2 and then i would definately ask first.


    haha, not in our troop mate. we adopted the sneaky beaky mantra of "just dont ask".

    id like to think of myself as the worlds best gucci kit sneaker.

    when getting a field muster, dig a gert big hole under the poncho and stash it all there!!! lol. never had the balls to try that one, but there are plenty others!
  9. Best way, grey man and all that!
  10. quite, also, if you ask they might/almost certainly will say no!
  11. Boys. Listen in. This is all sense. Get Phase 1 done.

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