guardsmen slaughtered

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Which nobhead gave the order for these two young men to go out in Basra in thin skinned Landrovers?I thought this was stopped, now it is more violent than ever and we are losing more men than ever.
    Some of these Guards officers need a lesson in warfare.
    We all know to be a guards officer you have to talk like Hugh Grant,walk like john Inman and wear bowler hats but they should have more savvy than this.
    If they did not have the armoured carriers they should then the minister in charge should be booted out.
    I'm sick of this conflict and our softly approach wearing berets etc.
    Time to get out or be like the Yanks and flatten every building that houses terrorists.
    I have no wish to see women and kids dead but no more of ours either so the answer is to leave now,let them sort out their own problems.
    This country could be so good in riches and quality living, if they want to torch it,let them but no more from us.
    Bring 'em all home then we can fight the French again,we always win these!
  2. Please don't let the pr!ck be reservist

    that would be tooo much to take

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