Guardian: "UK Military Steps Up Plans For Iran Attack Amid Fresh Nuclear Fears"

Are we entering another period of scare stories to justify a war such as those that were promulgated prior to the second Iraq war.I do not doubt that Iran is developing Nuclear Weapons but should they be tempted to lob one surely they realise their country would get repayed a dozen times over and obliterated.


We will get our arses firmly handed to us if we go anywhere near Iran.

Still, It'll give my mum something to rant about when I get blown to **** on Khorramshahr beach.


War Hero
A thread on the same subject on ARRSE includes a link to a very similar article from about 10 years ago. Plans are drawn up or everything, doesn't mean that they will be actioned. Don't panic.

However, hedging my bets, I won't be having my Diamond Jubilee Medal mounted until the Operation Persian Freedom one comes through a year or so later. Two for the price of one.