Guardian: "Royal Navy Test Flies New Drone"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Wonder if this will mean RN chaps or chapettes will be getting their 'Wings' as has been put forward for the RAF.

    Evidently the RAF UAV drivers are given the basic flying training, (actual), then given their flying wings and xbox controller!!!!!!!!
  2. As of 2010, CBP operated four Predator UAVs out of Arizona, one of out Texas and one out of North Dakota.

    The unit cost for one Predator is about $4.5 million, according to DHS estimates. But the costs of operating a UAV can become more than double the costs of operating a manned aircraft, said the Congressional Research Service (CRS) last summer. (See Homeland Security: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Border Surveillance.)

    Operating one UAV could take a crew of up to 20 Border Patrol agents, according to the CRS analysis. CBP’s Air and Marine Branch last fall pegged the per-hour cost of operating a Predator UAV for border surveillance at $3,234.

    Based on that figure, keeping one UAV in the air every hour of the year would cost about $28.5 million.
  3. Excellent, :thumbup: I wonder if Martin Baker will sponsor him. A tankard and tie for armchair ejections????
  4. Thank you Sol. It's amazing what interesting snippets you can pick up in the business and financial sections of the press, often long before they hit the front page.
  5. How are divers going to earn their medals now that pilots have bottled it?
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  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I'd be more worried about your supply of watches drying up
  7. Divers? Watches? I thought that they being gods gift got all night in every night
  8. Exactly! Always love WAFU's expensive watches and boots.

  9. We do. Though I feel Guns and I might be on the same wave length.
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  10. :laughing3:

    Explained why at the end of my time you could spot an air crewie as the matelot NOT wearing Flying boots or watches!!!!!!!

    My personal Favourite were the sun glasses. Perfect for riding a bike. Heavy so stayed on nose and didn't rise up at speed!!
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  12. I wonder what its wind and sea state limits are for recovery?
  13. scaneagle-navy-drone-449350.jpg


    First ever Royal Navy drone launched in £30million mission to stop Somali pirates

    "The Royal Navy yesterday launched its first drone in an operational theatre as it stepped up its campaign against Somali pirates.

    The Scaneagle unmanned aerial system (UAS) was launched from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Cardigan Bay in the Gulf and flew to a height of up to 19,500ft."

    First ever Royal Navy drone launched in £30million mission to stop Somali pirates | Science & Tech | News | Daily Express
  14. What a great squadron that would be, see the jet in and not have to make small talk with the pilot :) not you obviously Pontius :)

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  15. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Pretty good if the experience of the RCN is anything to go by.

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