Guardian: "Nuclear Safety Getting Worse In Military Facilities, Says MoD Study"

A deliberately scare-mongering article perhaps but it highlights a trend and it's not just nuclear safety that's affected. The risk of errors and accidents is much higher these days owing to swingeing Defence cuts combined with little let-up in our commitments. Witness the proposal to curtail Lusty's trials and operational training programme by several months so she could relieve Ocean on station off Libya this Autumn instead of next Spring.

Lack of experienced supervisory personnel, proper maintenance, training time, adequate resources and platform availability mean there are far more 'makey-learnies' out there, many of them in positions of considerable responsibility. Sorry to be such a Jeremiah but as I suggested a couple of years ago, it's only a matter of time before we suffer a major catastrophe instead of the current spate of newsworthy embarrassments.
As usual, the most interesting aspect of this article is the comments. I particularly liked the muppet who manages to link together Hiroshima/ Nagasaki with Chernobyl/Fukishima in some totally irrelevant rant about nuclear weapons.

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