Guardian: "Navy Needs Protecting To Protect Us All"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Jesus, what is the socialist paper writing articles like this? Normally they are writing us off.
  2. I just want to smash a few of the commenters on there with a hammer
  3. I was just thinking the same...

    Quote.....Couldn't we just spend the money on more schools or hospitals instead of shinny new aircraft cariers(sic) ?
    Umm maybe, but where is the extra money going to come from to pay for all these extra schools and hospitals? And to pay for all the staff at these new buildings?
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Er, because the author is...........? The broadsheets Left, Right and Centre accept, even solicit and publish articles by those with a contrary point of view to that of the paper's establishment and core readership. Quite mature of them if you ask me. Let's hope the maturity is catching.......
  5. A quick google reveals the author is an ex RN Cdr. Sensible article but unfortunately the comments below are the usual limp-wristed, leftist, pinko shite one expects form Guardian readers. I share Tommo's violent urges. :violent1:
  6. Ahhhhh our John Muxworthy.

    Bless him, such a nice guy (once) but tries too hard and there are soooo many deaf ears.
  7. The RN facebook page is filling with the usual BNP lines of 'Blame the Immigrants' and 'Britain for the British'
  8. I'm quite certain that that is not carved in stone above the doors of BRNC.

  9. Its actually the preamble to Charles II's articles for the First Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-54.

    Powerful words and still relevant today
  10. 1. John M did NOT state it was 'above the doors'. What is your quibble?

    2. You have totally missed the point that those words have incorporated the ethos of the RN for so long now as to be instantly recognisable as such by 99% of Naval Officers (reflective.)

    3. If that is your only contribution then wood/trees spring to mind.


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