Guardian: "Multicultural Britain Rejecting Foreign Conflict, MoD Admits"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Shock that the Guardian would pick up on that one .
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be perfectly honest it's got nothing to do with multiculturalism. The reluctance is entirely due to the fact that all members of the UK electorate grow weary of bone politicians continuously overstretching the forever diminishing UK Armed Forces, risking lives in unwinnable conflicts with suspect foreign policy. You really don't need to be in an ethnic minority group to arrive at that rather obvious conclusion.

    "War Weary" is the term.
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  3. Now it's the bloody foreigners fault that we don't go to war.
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  4. Surely this story would be more at home on the pages of the Daily Hate or the Daily Diana (Princess of Hearts) than the Grauniad?
  5. Give them time Guzz, they've got to re-arrange the paragraphs so they can't get done for plagiarism, how else would they be able to claim an "exclusive".
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  6. Why can't the polies understand that the electorate are more than a little pissed off with their sons and daughters getting killed or wounded in wars which are neither of the UKs making or in the UK interests.
    We need an armed forces which are sufficient to defend the UK and its dependancies, we do not need one which is used to fight wars against terrorism.
    Would there be as much terrorism in the UK if we had not poked our noses into the affairs of Muslim countries?
    Have the polititions been the major cause of terrorism by doing this?
    Why did we go into an unwinnable war in Afghanistan?
    Why have so many young lives been lost and people wounded for a cause which in less than a year after we pull out will revert to square one?
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  7. Lessons not learnt from Vietnam, and Afghan in the 80s.

    You can't kill an idea!
  8. No, but the idea can kill !
  9. The Grauniad seems to be saying if it wasn't for our peace loving ethnic minorities the UK would be hot for stomping off to other parts of the globe with the sole intention of murdering Muslims. Luckily, for the majority of us however, our warlike intentions have been calmed by their presence so we can sit back and watch the Muslims murder one another with no help from ourselves.
    Unfortunately sitting at home doing nothing requires less manpower and hardware for them to play with.
  10. If it wasn't Afghan it would be something else, it's only an excuse on their part, otherwise it would be Chechyna or Bosnia or Central African Republic, Somalia or somewhere else, they're fanatics looking for a justification, not justified people turned into fanatics. We went to Afghan to kill AQ in their safe haven after 9/11 and succeeded in doing so. We leave with the Taliban resurgent but not ruling the roost, time will tell if it is worth it, I doubt they'll ever have a full return to power as long as we keep backing the Kabul regime.

    I think other posters hit the nail on the head, war weariness on the part of the nation after over a decade of casualties without any visible gain in return, ethnic minorities are just that and still a small percentage of our population no matter what the Daily Mail might claim and don't dictate our foreign policy. That's why we backed down on Syria and gave Obama a way out. I wonder if our non-intervention will give future Islamic terrorists justification for attacking us?
  11. There wasn't much war weariness or multicultural involvement in the pre-Iraq II anti war protests. The participants understood how patently ludicrous the rationale for war was and were more monocultural white British in make up and war wary in their attitude than anything else.
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  12. Agree. It's not that when the UK was all white there was a blood-thirty feeling to fight wars
  13. Hahaha! Ok.
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  14. I and many like me just don't want Britain to be, or to be seen to be, a belligerent warmongering country.
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  15. I'm with Monty on this one. what odds will you give me that the Taliban will be back to full strength and control in Afghanistan within two to three years of twestern troops leaving?
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  16. Well, they certainly aren't beaten and the ANA is riven with tribal differences.
  17. I'm closing the book.
  18. Why is it that those in charge of sending us to War and other conflicts do not appear to have the intelligence to make the same sane decisions that the majority of British citizens would make.
    I think most citizens backed the government for the Falklands, and many backed the decision for the Iran conflict (based on lies we did not know about). Since then though it would seem that every Prime Minister wants to send his troops to war against foes who are no danger to the British population.
    When I joined the RN in 1963 I joined to protect the UK against any foreign power who may attack us. I did not join to change foreign government leaders or sort out Middle Eastern tribal conflicts.
    Thank feck I'm out
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