Guardian: "Ministry Of Defence Police Face Up To 1,500 Job Cuts"


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I wonder, should I be concerned about these cuts? Will the safety of our bases be lessened, will crime soar?

Perhaps we need a measure of how effective MoD plod are - number of arrests made as compared to local Police Service? (I know that'll be comparing arrests per day to arrests per 20+year career)

A review of the types of crimes they are involved in? (exhaustively checking cars for valid parking permits compared to keeping public streets safe?)

A comparison of MPGS to MoD plod - cost/role? (Both armed, both 'guard', one gets paid a lot more for doing, not a lot more?)

I think MPGS and MoD Plod share the same C2 and funding, so perhaps we could get more of the former to make up for less MoD Plod? I have a feeling we mightn't be any worse off.......

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