Guardian: "Ministry Of Defence Loses £6.3bn Assets"


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This isn't news, it's been brought up for the last 3-4 years alone that I can recall. If you crash together multiple organisations and repeat that in quick succession, without giving anyone the time and the money or a stable environment to do it you simply end up with inadequate systems. This isn't about labour or conservative, its about the MoD being forced to continually change, with insufficient time and money, the results are plain to see. The most annoying thing is that NAO don't seem to acknowledge the improvements the LOG community have and are continuing to make.

And if they want to track BOWMAN in theatre more adequately, best they spend the money on allowing people on the theatre FET in order to do the work! HMT can't have it both ways.


If it helps, I can account for 25k of that. Somewhere in Cottesmore is a Land Rover that I misplaced.
My garage is a layapart store, must be a couple of bob in there.

They were quick enough to 126 me when stuff went missing, best they start checking PLR's.


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To think I had to pay for a boat's klaxon that went over the side ..

I don't understand this. Every little itty bit (and large bit, like a bower anchor) was on some poor sod's Permanent Loan List.

We had a fire in a motor boat once and I was amazed how much stuff of the Jimmy's turned out to be stored in it ..


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When we are paying £80 for a tube of prc filler,£12 for bolts to hold in light fittings ect in the FAA its easy to see how widespread the problem is.
I've got a bergen full of nice shiny kit (CS95 so no use to anyone any more) plus a respirator and more bits of assorted junk than you can shake a stick at which pusser has never asked to have back after I was "retired". Her indoors whinges weekly that it is taking up space and should be returned but we all know that would cause more nausea than relief.

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