Guardian: "'Minister for Portsmouth' Role Created To Help City"

So why didn't Devonport get one when the shipbuilding ended down here? Plus Portsmouth built bits of ships in recent years, not the whole package.


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I agree, Wrecks. Emotive bollocks, in an attempt to appease the masses who work(ed) for a company that refused to diversify. Job losses are tragic but the shipbuilding industry does not define Portsmouth, as it once did. Are they going to create a Minister when a shop in Gunwharf closes down? :roll:


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Minister for Dog Sh*t City! Who do you have to p*ss off to get landed with that pleasure!

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Sol: Rather than spamming us with links to news stories, how about joining in the debate by offering an opinion? We know what the story is about; other members' points of view are far more enlightening... :roll:
Yet another example of the lunatics that are in charge of the country, there are already 2 elected MP's for Portsmouth to represent and deal with the city's problems.
I am no socialist, but, after the miner's strike of 84/85 and the obliteration of the mining industry, which caused more job losses and social upheaval that Portsmouth could never comprehend, mining areas were left to fend for themselves. Whats so special about Portsmouth?
"Major improvements being planned for the city’s port could double the number of visiting cruise passengers and secure jobs for the future, according to a new report being launched today by the minister for Portsmouth.

It comes as part of a £91m investment plan being unveiled in the wake of BAE Systems’ shipyard closure.

Plans for the expansion of the port are one of several measures being announced in a report commissioned by the minister, Michael Fallon, and put together by Rear-Admiral Rob Stevens.

The pair will travel to the city today to unveil the report, which makes 36 recommendations and has picked out 15 areas of potential funding."

Minister for Portsmouth Michael Fallon announces new plan to boost city - Portsmouth News


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