Guardian: "Liam Fox Says Defence Jobs May Be Spared If Savings Are Found Elsewhere"

How would saving 25,000 MoD Civil Service jobs be reconciled with this?
Guardian 1 Mar 2011 said:
PM concedes that axing around 11,000 personnel from army, navy and RAF will be 'difficult' for those affected but insists cuts are needed to 'modernise and update' UK forces.

David Cameron has defended the decision to make 11,000 redundancies in the armed forces – potentially including some troops now on the front line in Afghanistan.

The prime minister conceded that axing around 5,000 personnel from the army, 3,300 from the navy and 2,700 from the RAF would be "difficult" for those affected. But he insisted the losses were necessary to "modernise and update" Britain's forces for future challenges...
Note that the above redundancies represent a 10% cut for the RN (the smallest of the Services) but less than 5% for the Army and only 6% for the RAF.

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