Guardian H4H A Worthy Cause But Spare Us The Moral Blackmail

What a tosser!

QUOTE underlying assumption that all the spectators at any given event involving an England international team necessarily share the government's view of the rightness of what our forces are doing overseas UNQUOTE

The whole point about the armed forces is that we do what we are told to do by whatever government is in power because we are apolitical. "Bigging up!" the armed forces has bugger all to do with politics, it is simply showcasing the lads and lasses who put their lives on the line to ensure that everyone else can sleep safe in their beds at night and can say what they like when they like, and vote for whoever they want to vote for and shake hands with whoever they want to shake hands with BECAUSE our armed forces are not joined at the hip with politicians.

Bloody Grauniad really grips my ****
Re: Guardian H4H A Worthy Cause But Spare Us The Moral Black

If the government were looking after those that are injured and the families of those that are killed then there would be no need for charity.
Until we have a Responsible Government then H4H is needed :twisted:

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