Guardian: "Chinese Businessman Bids £5m For HMS Invincible"


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They bought one from someone else to turn it into a Casino and promptly started to refit it to be a carrier, not sure how far they have got.

The irony of selling Invincible to the Chinese for them to do this would be very Catch-22
Let them have the old heap of shit. I curled down a Cleveland steamer in the Flyco while she was mothballed in Fountain Lake. I wonder if it's still there?
On Meridian news this morning while covering this story, they showed a video of Herpes!!!!!!

Now THEY should know better. Must be a sprog part 3 in the Defence section!
Interesting contrast in reports:

Pompey News said:
...Lam Kin-bong - who owns restaurants in the West Midlands - told the South China Morning Post he wants to turn the former warship into an international school in China...
Daily Mail said:
...Mr Lam wants to ship the carrier China and convert it into a nightclub or even a restaurant...

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