Guardian: "Armed Forces Make Over 300 Visits To UK Universities In Two Years"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. "Several students unions have taken a stand against military recruitment on campus. A number of universities, including Stirling, the University of London and the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), were not visited at all by the armed forces in a recruitment or promotional capacity.

    Blane Abercrombie, president of the UWS students union, which is one of several to ban enlistment on campus, describes the recruitment drive as "ridiculous".

    "It's preying on vulnerable students and can make international students feel unsafe. University campus is a place for learning, not for being signed up to go to war. We've got a duty as student unions to make sure our students feel safe on campus."

    This year, Manchester University's students union followed suit and turned away a Royal Navy unit wishing to recruit on campus during freshers week, saying: "Welcome week is not the appropriate time for recruitment to the armed forces."

    Armed forces make over 300 visits to UK universities in two years | Education |
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Student Unions, gotta love 'em.

    "Preying on vulnerable students". :D

    They used to ban University Officer Cadet organisations (clue in the title: URNU, UOTC & UAS) "recruiting" during freshers fairs because the services actively discriminated against homosexuals. Then it was females. Now it's vulnerable students.

    Wonder what they make of the Armed Forces humanitarian role in the Philippines or in UK after the recent floods? HMS Illustrious - Philippines Disaster Relief - 28 November 2013 - YouTube
  3. I've been doing that for years. Little filthpots.
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  4. If they're vunerable what are they doing in universities.........shouldn't they be at home being looked after by their mummies ?
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  5. The horror!
  6. Lovely Grauniaud story.

    How many visits by political groups seeking to enlist these vulnerable students, I wonder.

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  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    When I was an Officers Recruiter (ACLO) it was boring having to justify yourself to these self appointed **** stains. My stand was attacked one year. 5 hippy dippy students chanting and shouting. Big banners and quite nasty on some of their chants. One tried to pull the stand down, my young RM LCpl helping out pointed out what would happen if said little boy didn't get his shitty little fingers off the thing. I was helpfully pointing out to the very shout women that she had a grammatical error in her banner.

    It was great because you go all zen like, they get bored but the noise helps drum up trade. People come over to find out what all the fuss is about. The normal response was "****ing idiots - I'll take a leaflet". Plus the other milkround recruiters found it "dangerous" and I did get lucky several times with the female recruiters based on the protests.
  8. Yep, this very day one of the murderers of Lee Rigby said he was recruited to Militant Islam at university after being raised a Christian.
    BBC News - Lee Rigby murder trial: Michael Adebolajo 'a soldier of Allah'
  9. University students sometimes feel the need to go against conformity. This is healthy breaking away from childhood into adulthood. Unfortunately this break sometimes manifests itself as twatism. Fortunately after a brief flirt with twatism they , for the most part , grow up. I remember trying to justify CND when I was at art college. Yes I was also a twat but I grew out of it.

    Some students are just nob ends but they turn out OK when they get some real life experience in the end.

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  10. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Right weird looking bunch on University Challenge tonight.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  11. This really annoys me about Student Unions. They have no concept about anything outside of their own little bubble and tend to let a minority that agrees with their views, political or otherwise, influence them unduly. I've been quite lucky with my SU, I'm relatively active within in and we have a good set of Elected Officers but I know other students haven't been as lucky with their SU's.

    As an aside, for anyone wanting a laugh tonight, have a look at this video: This Student Union Music Video Is So Unbelievably Awful
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  13. These things are always counter-productive, basically saying ban things as we think our people are too thick to make their own minds up! The Uni I went to no one had a problem with the forces, the AU even did a naked calendar to raise money for the RN and RM charity :D also pretty sure plenty of students boosted the morale of many sailors...

    It also shows his ignorance as its not like you sign the dotted line and are in, worse that can happen at freshers is that you sign up to recieve an email or something- SCANDALOUS.
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  14. Were you miss October?

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  15. If so .... where can I get a copy???
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    On a point of order for the uninitiated (Student Union thickos), University Officer Cadets are "List 7" reservists. What this means is that they are paid a wage, wear a uniform, but have not passed any formal element of selection for the regular or reserve armed forces and as such, are unemployable in the UK Armed Forces in any operational capacity, in peacetime or war.

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