Guardian: "A Backwards Salute To Recruitment Films"

Teutonic_Taffy said:
"La Di Da Ruperts" like PM Cameron?

I dunno what's worse, Army Officers being compared to Cameron or Cameron being compared to a La Di Da Rupert.
I wouldn't worry about it. The people that read the Guardian are beyond help anyway. As for the poeple that write in it...


War Hero
Probably just me, but listening to the geezer voicing over the advert, I was expecting the soundtrack to burst into Blur's "Park Life" rather than a bunch of porridge cannons being tortured.
I loved it, and would probably have signed up for the real thing if it hadn't been for a sixth-form flirtation with Quakerism.

HMS Sheffield (1975), about life onboard a Royal Navy frigate
says all we need to know really. Perhaps I'm going blind but I could find no clue to the literary twonks name; not that it's relevant.

Still, a nice advert fot bog wog butter, though.

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