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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by pegleg, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. I have just started in my local SCC unit as a CI.

    When I was a cadet (Sea Cadet and Marine) we managed to win the national drill comp, albeit, many years ago (like 20 years), from what I can see the weapon drill remains the same.

    Hard work and determination, which these kids have in abundance and they want to win National, let alone area or district, are there any tips that you guy's can give me, they, and I mean all of them without exception, want to be part of a wining Guard.

    It has been a long time since I have been involved in training a Guard or being on the receiving end. They have bags of potential and all want to do it, suddenly drill has become a massive thing in the unit.


  2. P.P.P.P.P.P!! (Persistant practice prevents piss poor performance)

    Good luck with the training - nice to read of someone giving the youngsters a chance
  3. Good luck peg leg. All of the youngsters that I've encountered recently who choose to involve themselves in the SCC are dead keen and worthy successors to the fine traditions of our Service. If only guys like this made the headlines instead of the hooded knife wielding booze fuelled idiots that seem to hog the public's attention!
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Tallest on the outside, smallest in the middle. Pick one of your better cadets from around the middle of your squad to act as time keeper. He is the one who'll do a quiet " Psst Psst" inbetween movements so the squad can hear him but no-one else can.

    Stacks of practice and attention to detail.
  5. Ah the Psst Psst, I had them doing that one last night.
  6. Pegleg

    I'm an instructor too at my local unit, best advice I can offer you is give you Area Staff Officer (Ceremonial and drill) a bell and ask them to pop down, they will give you loads of current advice on how to begin training your guard and maybe even able to loan you a drill pig, sorry drill instructor to get you all on the road to winning.

    Its great isn't it when you get a bunch of cadets who are keen. Not too keen on drill myself but when we get pulling teams up and running for the new season, its great to see how some of them take to it and really get the bug.

    Good Luck
  7. I watched the local Remembrance Day parade and was really impressed with the local Sea Cadet Unit. They were by far the best marchers on parade, far superior to any other unit marching (including the regulars..).
    A lot of hard work had gone into there training for the event and they stood out above the crowd, a massive BZ to them.
  8. Thanks to all.
  9. Hissing sid, choose one of the middle ones who has some rhythm!

    I would say Best of Luck, but my Marines are clearly going to wipe the floor at Southern Area and National! Its still SLR drill with a 303 basically!

    One of my favourite moments in the Cadets was winning Area, and much less so at being robbed at Nationals by Plymouth, yeah its much easier guys when you haven't travelled the width of the country! Still got my Gold Medal!
  10. Don't do cadets only sailors, but I feel this little bit of advice might be aplicable. First and foremost make it fun. But NEVER humiliate! Don't be afraid of using a little bit of imagination. Yes the end result must be formal but have a laugh on the way.

    I always tell my sailors that Drill is a competative sport. Well for you lot this is clearly the truth. This is how I train. (Two Royal Guards of Honour, with Queens Colour, one National Commeration Parade, a few Freedom parades and the odd asorted visiting Flag Officer.)

    When teaching the basic movements (by numbers) start in the traditional way with the guard in three ranks.
    After a short while, fall them out and fall them in again in two ranks facing one another. An old hand paired with a new one. (Go back to doing it by numbers if neccesary. The new ones will pick up the movement much faster like this. The old ones will not feel they are being held back, but that they are being useful.
    Then, fall in again in three ranks but this time as three sides of a square facing inwards, so they can all see each other. Each rank does the movement watched by the other two. Get them to mark each other and offer criticism.
    Finaly bring them together in a guard. They will be confident and cohesive. Importantly they will be a team and Hissing Sid will not be needed. Any judge worth their salt would mark down severly if they hear him!
  11. The Pssst it is good when it all comes together first met the Pssst on the parade ground at Eastney. The bands have the lad with the big drum Boom! Boom! One two! One two!

    Doing a great job giving these youngsters a bit of pride in themselves. Unlike the crap standing on street corners eyes full of hate. The lights on but nobody is at home!!
  12. Ok, we have just got through district by default, the presure is really on now, we were the only unit to enter an armed guard, our marks were not good, although they gave us 10 out of 15 for effort as no other unit were brave enough to enter, the Guard Commander forgot the mandatory elements of the inspection (although he is quality), and the review order, not his fault god love him, he totaly went blank, plus he is in the process of joining the RN and school to boot.

    We only had 3 weeks training before district, area is only 2 weeks away, we have the district drill team coming to the unit the Saturday before the comp, plus getting the kit ready, not alot of time.

    District, we could enter an 8 man guard, area, 3 weeks later, we have to enter a 12 man guard.

    Advice at this point from any area is most definatly welcome.
  13. pegleg, I was under the impression that if you don't enter a full guard, you lose either 3% of marks or 3 marks (its somewhere on the SCC HQ Website) per missing cadet, or you could ask other units in your district if they are able to lend a hand with cadets, and go for a mixed unit guard. Its been done on the Booties side.

    Best of Luck, and its amazing how much the Drill comp means to Units, mind I think most of Southern Area are getting annoyed with my unit having won it for the past few years!
  14. All I can hope for is that they will do their best, and I know that they will, what more can you ask of them??
  15. At some point the realisation that they are representing their unit, and if they win it will be one of those things that stay with them the rest of their lives, will probably kick in and you get even more effort.

    I can still remember the great feeling of winning area (twice), as well as the stomach churningly bad feeling I got at Nationals when we came second (twice!)
  16. So guess what, area got cancelled by snow, got there, Uniforms ready, kids ready, everyone had to thin out due to the blizard, kids loved it though (like XMas), and it has given us an extra week to practice.
  17. Came in at Guard No 5 out of 8, for 5 weeks Trg, not so bad, I am proud of em, they put up a cracking effort.

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