Guantanamo Bay - Witness For The Defence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. Colonel D. Morris USAF resigned as the Chief Military Prosecutor at GITMO last year. He resigned because of the impossibility of fair trials for any of the prisoners.

    He has now stated that "I expect to be called as a witness for the defence and I will be happy to do so. I will tell the truth".

    He adds:-

    "There are some bad men at Guantánamo Bay and a few deserve death, but only after trials we can truthfully call full, fair and open. In that service, we must declare that evidence obtained by waterboarding be banned in every American system of justice. We must restore our reputation as the good guys who refuse to stoop to the level of our adversaries. We are Americans, and we should be able to state with conviction, “We don’t do stuff like that.â€



  2. What's to restore? As far as I'm concerned, since the early days of the OSS/CIA, their reputation on foreign soil (as in snatching civilians) has been toast for years..the list is too long of the disrespect to foreign sovereignty by these loose cannons...start putting some accountability and really strong deterrents for this stuff to happen in place and maybe Joe Q would gradually allow some of these organisations some credibility..

    Will take generations for the bad blood to ease hope he's the long living type to be able to see that happen...(probably be involved in a "car accident' on his way to testify....)cause I won't be holding my breath... :hockey:

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