Guantanamo Bay - USN Captains Dismiss Charges

The USA is holding 380 'suspects' at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. They are being held there to avoid writs of 'Habeas Corpus' and to be outside the reach of the US judicial system. The Supreme Court of the USA announced last year that this was unconstitutional and against the Geneva Conventions.

In order to bypass the Supreme Court ruling Bushco invented a system of military commissions to bring these prisoners to trial. Most of the men are probably innocent of any crime and in order to cover this up the trial rules ban any media coverage, no jury, limited legal assistance, torture and inhumane treatment. Despite this the defence team led by USMC Colonel Dwight Sullivan have maintained that the prisoners should by properly charged and tried in regular US Federal Courts.

Yesterday United States Navy Judges dismissed charges against the first two prisoners to have been charged and the entire system of Military Trials signed by Bubbleboy last year looks set to collapse. This doesn't mean that the two men will be freed; simply that they will continue to be held.....but MAYBE their treatment will now impove. One of the men was Usama bin Laden's driver and the other was 14 years old when he was captured fighting against US forces.

Interesting that this has happened at a time when the US is at odds with Russia. I'm curious as to how this will play out in the long term. Chechnya (ie alledged Islamic terrorism) always felt like a key marker in the Putin-Bush rapprochment. It would be nice to think that the US military-legal system demonstrated some common sense, some of the arguments I'm hearing today were being aired several over 5 years ago when the camp was set up, not holding my breath though ...

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