'Guantanamo Bay' isolation cells to punish unruly pupils.


This was about my old school in Doncaster, and I hope the childs father is embarassed by the comments he has recived. The child did the crime, so let him do the time.

Whats your opinions on this? After all the room is not that bad! :thumright:


A school which sends unruly children to Guantanamo Bay-style isolation cells has faced criticism.

Children are ordered to sit for extended periods under a spotlight facing a black wall in one of four partitioned areas of a classroom to reflect on their misbehaviour.

Teachers at Ridgewood School in Doncaster – who call the cells 'individual study rooms' – also notify parents if their youngsters spend time in the cells.

A father whose son was ordered to spend a day in one of the units has threatened to remove him from the school in protest.

Andrew Widdowson discovered the unusual punishment after Kieran, 11, helped deflate the tyres on a boy’s bike, he claimed.

Mr Widdowson, 30, told said: ‘A teacher rang and told me about the punishment and I went into the school to see for myself what this isolation room was.

‘I couldn’t believe it. It was like something out of Guantanamo Bay.

‘The room is painted totally black. The walls, the partitions, the window blinds – everything was black.

‘The partitions down one side created four cells where school kids are expected to sit at a desk all day.’

‘My son has never been in trouble. The first time he’s done something and he gets told to go into isolation. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

‘I would rather take my son out of school than see him spend time in that dungeon.’

Now teachers have refused to let Kieran return to class until he serves his time in the room.

Mr Widdowson had earlier received a letter from the school explaining: ‘All the boys involved would serve one day in the isolation room on separate days… so they can reflect individually on their actions and hopefully decide that they will not be part of doing anything like this again whatever their motivation and degree of involvement in this case.’

The school has defended the room, which is supervised by a member of staff.

In a statement it said: ‘It is well lit with a window providing adequate external light and extra ventilation as required, and each individual carrel has separate spot lighting in addition.

‘The facility has been in use for over four years and accommodates a handful of pupils each week overwhelmingly for no more than one day and some for less than this.

'The facility is used at a relatively minor level of the behaviour policy to give pupils a chance to reflect on their behaviour and strengthen their desire to meet expectations in future.

‘It overwhelmingly achieves this in terms of pupils not returning for repeated isolations.

‘Pupils are supplied with work from current lessons and are free to ask questions of the supervising member of staff as they would in lessons.

‘It was fully functional during the 2006 Ofsted inspection and approved as a positive feature of the school’s overall success.

‘The school shares the aim of getting Kieran back into education at Ridgewood promptly.

'He is welcome to return at any time, do his day in isolation in line with the behaviour policy for all pupils and return to his full mainstream timetable.’


War Hero
Re: 'Guantanamo Bay' isolation cells to punish unruly pupils

If it works I am all for it. Much better than the weeks exclusion my 5 year old grandson has just had. I believe that a day of this may be just what he needs.


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Re: 'Guantanamo Bay' isolation cells to punish unruly pupils

I listened to the boy's father wittering away about it on the Radio yesterday and could not believe the fuss he was making.Reportedly a teacher is in the room with the miscreants all the time if it was that bad the NUT would have them out on strike.
The only lesson the boy has learnt so far is "I can do anything I like 'cos my Dad will see off anyone who tries to correct my behaviour"
While I think stricter punishments should be dished out in school for persistent offenders and really bad behaviour, letting down bike tyres at age 11 is hardly going to mentally scar the recipient. It's almost expected. Did he not have a pump?????
OK, this may have been one incident in a long line of bullying against the kid with the bike and if the school are clamping down on that then great.
Got to keep a sense of perception.
If every parent were believed, there are no bad kids any where. Good on the school for making a stand. :thumright:
I must admit I find thoose who believe the rules do not apply to their offspring worthy of the greatest contempt, but of course the socialists have been preaching for so long that it is never the culprits fault that people are actually believing it.
Re: 'Guantanamo Bay' isolation cells to punish unruly pupils

So if you are a deliquent prick you get one teacher to four pupils
Where the studious ones get one teacher to forty
As for the parent they should stick him in there too

Jack McH
Re: 'Guantanamo Bay' isolation cells to punish unruly pupils

These are the same parents who are the first to complain if their little angel is the victim of a prank. :roll:

I wish the punishments had been so gentle when I was at school. I'd have been grateful to be able to sit down at all..... :lol:
Thank you for correcting my crap use of England. I think I meant perspective, but I could be wrong.

One large glass of red (French Gigondas for preference - cue wine discussion).....followed by another; in case you're interested.
Considering how few modes of punishment are now available to schools, perhaps this example should be adopted more widely. It might arrest the evolution of munters like these;


Gang attack forces bus service to be re-routed


A GANG of youths threw bricks and missiles at a bus in Heaton Chapel causing the service to be re-routed over the weekend.

No doubt the fathers (assuming they know who they are) of these, no doubt, much maligned and misunderstood young people hold similar views to those of poor little Kieran's.