GSSR? Weekends? Basic Training?



im at uni, and im also a member of the TA. but after seeing the light im interested in joining the RNR. but to be honest i dont know alot about it.

if any one could help with these questions:

What are the Commitments for basic trianing, where is it, how long?

for GSSR, what is phase 2 like? where?

how often would a rating in the GSSR branch get ship time? and do they get 'mugged' off to do other duties?

also, how do i go about starting to join?

and exercises and op tours, how often do they become avaiable?

thanks for any help


robbo :?:
Don't know the answers to all your questions but know some of them:

Basic Training is a series of week day evenings to get you ready for 2 weeks at HMS Raleigh near Plymouth.

For GSSR you then need to do a basic weapon course of 1 week and then a SPO team members course of 1 week, you are then trained strength. The SPO course is very good the IMT (weapon course) is OK. It is then a good idea to then do your Basic Sea Survival Course (most courses are in Plymouth or Portsmouth).

We are promised loads of sea time but other perhaps can comment on actual experience, GSSR are relatively new though.

You can join by contacting your local AFCO or your Reserve Training Centre.

The last question again other will have to comment on that bit.

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