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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WarMonger, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Being new to RR this horse may have been well flogged by now but would be very interested to hear from everyone especially GSSR bods regarding our role, obviously SPO is primary. However would like to canvas opinions as to where Seamanship, NBCD, Minewarfare and Comms etc fits in the future especially for those at LH level who are looking to SR status in selected specialisations eg MW.

    Having spoken to everyone from CommMarRes down to various WO's, and a large number of Officers of various rank I have YET to receive a consistent answer from any two people at one time.....!!!!

    Would be interested in seeing the number of different interpretations flying around!!!!
  2. Obviously you have been speaking to the wrong people. Speak to SO1GSSR and he will advise you accordingly.
  3. Tried speaking to SO1 GSSR along with my DO with regards to the future of MW..sorry to say that even SO1 GSSR got his facts wrong after a long detailed discussion with my DO having to put him straight on a number of points....about LH progression within MW to Senior Rate level!!.

    Essentially the point was that I was told to remove my MW badge as it was no longer appropriate despite the fact I was rated before GSSR came to aim is to acheive SR level within MW not as a SPO Manager within GSSR, however I have no problem with double jobbing as necessary...i.e. MCMTA and SPO. The powers to be do not seem to see this as an acceptable career progression any more..only SPO SPO SPO....and despite the fact that in 15 years time their will be no more MW senior rates left within the RNR if we dont get in some new blood. As far as I'm aware there is still a need for RNR in the MW specialisation and this is also a fleet requirement..!!.

    I understand that a great deal of GSSR has been born from OPTELIC, however as an OPTELIC person myself I think it is worthwhile remembering that the MW ratings, senior rates and officers along with Comms ratings, and Loggie's were deployed well before RNR SPO teams.... all of which now seems to be being overlooked as the SPO juggernaut roles on..!!
  4. WM-would like to follow the same path but I have been told there is no requirement for AB or LS MW, but there is a requirement for POMW. How they are going to turn a LS GSSR spo team member with no MW experience into a POMW ORS in an MCMTA is question I can't get an answer to. Suspect the powers that be don't know either.
  5. Nothing new there there is anyone out there from the MW world of a senior variety.... would be interested to hear your views...a bit of guidance and leadership is required...PLEASE!!!!
  6. Now I think I can add a little shareholder value here (sorry civvie job buzz words)...

    I heard a buzz some time back, that the GSSR MW ABs (as were) were goingto be formed into National SPO teams to support the MCMTA on its exercises, giving the opportunity (albeit in an observer capacity) to see what the MCMTA gets up to. This seems a splendid idea however I'm not sure how must SPO protection the MCMTA requires on its exercises or if this was just something that was spun to try and retain as many of the MW ABs from leaving.

    Haven't heard much since but I pray by my bedside every evening for some ray of hope.
  7. During TELIC MW ratings were sent to the Bedivere as ops room bods but we doubled up as SPO at both at sea and in harbour as its been done before......very tiring but it has been done operationally and I think it worked well!

    I guess this is where the buzz originates!
  8. found the quote below on the web, does anyone else think this sounds like the GSSR role or is it just me?

    A first rate Royal Navy warship of Nelson's day mounted 100 or 90 guns and carried a complement of over 150 Royal Marines. This consisted of four officers; (Captain, 1st Lieutenant, two 2nd Lieutenants); six NCOs; (three Sergeants, three Corporals), two Drummers and the remainder were Privates. The Royal Marines acted as sharpshooters, sentries, boarding parties and gunners, along with deck and sailing duties, as ordered by the ship's captain.
  9. Sounds about right...except for no officers...Hooray!

    We even have plenty of people who like to bang their own drum....!!

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